5 Tips to Make Your Home More Valuable and Sell Faster


It’s no surprise that selling your home can give every homeowner some mixed emotions. And I’d understand why; this is a place you’ve spent most of your time in. The sentimental value is just irreplaceable and somewhat – priceless. But if it would make you feel better, try to envisage the new family’s happiness in your home which you’ve taken care of for a couple of years, or maybe even decades! Just maybe, it’ll make you feel good that you’ve actually shared this home to people who'll make a new set of wonderful memories like you did when you were still living under its roof. But without a shadow of a doubt, you’ll definitely feel better if the home which you so loved would get the highest selling value. Here are 5 simple tips on how to make your home more valuable and sell faster.

1   Put on A Fresh Paint

There’s no denying that when people buy something, aesthetics is the first thing they’ll take notice of. And when you’re selling your house, your house façade can either stop buyers dead on their tracks to have a peek or they can have their head in the clouds and just wander off. A newly-painted house doesn’t only give buyers a good impression but will also jack up the price a bit because the new owners don’t have to pay for a painting job.

2   Do Minor or Major Repairs

The obvious fact is no one wants to live in a broken-down house (unless that’s your thing which would classify you as weird). To sell your house fast, make it easier for the new owners to move in. A wham-bam-thank-you-mam negotiation will help you let go of your house faster if you’re still emotionally attached to it. Fix broken knobs, cracked tiles, torn carpets, holes in the walls, and clean, clean, clean. The house should be as neat as a button!

3   Show a Lot of Space

When homeowners are in the staging process, it’s really an eyesore to look at things haphazardly arranged, and strewn everywhere. Take out all the things that are out of place like bulky furniture that make the space small, and make sure to do this in every room. You can choose one room at a time.

4   Update Important Rooms in the House

Don’t make the new owners feel like they’ll be living in their grandmother’s time. If your style is outdated, then update (I meant your home design, not your fashion sense)! Check out the new trends in home design; update your kitchen for example. No one wants to cook in an out-of-style kitchen, try refacing the cabinets if necessary, and wipe the countertops until they’re spic and span. Or what about putting a fire pit in the outdoor kitchen? This will surely excite buyers with hosting prowess!

5   Beautify Your Home

The ambiance is everything! You know that feeling when you first set foot in a place and you already feel snug as a bug in a rug? Well, I’ve felt that in other people’s homes. You want to make sure your house has this homey atmosphere. Decorate with attractive blinds and curtains, hang some plants or flower vases, turn on the lamps and dimmers, or light the fireplace during viewing. This is your time to shine!

Whatever you do, sell the house as if you’re trying to sell it to yourself. You can put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and design the house according to their needs or wants. The last thing you want to get is a cheap selling price; you obviously know your house’s value is far from cheap!


Author Bio:  Kerry Brooks is a passionate blogger who loves to write about home designs, home renovation ideas and home improvement. She is currently working for 123closedhouse.com, which offers easy solution for distressed property owners who are facing personal or financial hardship, to sell their home fast.   

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