5 Stunning Balcony Design Ideas

Balcony is the favorite resting spot of many folks and that makes it a very prominent external feature of your house. While doing up your home you simply cannot ignore this space. Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious one, if you work smartly then you can actually end up creating a beautiful haven out of your balcony. So, here we give you 5 awesome ideas to decorate your balcony and these designs are everything from simple to classy to absolutely jaw dropping. Check out!

Decorate With Greenery

Well, you can never fail with it! No matter you have a small space dedicated in the name of a balcony or a roomy one, adding greens brings a touch of naturalness to your space. In case you have a small balcony then allot a corner for potted plants or go for vertical gardening. Bring in palms and fountains too if you are lucky with space. You are sure to make for a refreshing ambience with lush greenery in your balcony.

Adorn With Flowers

Flowers are synonymous with beauty and freshness. If you have a soft corner for all things floral then transform your balcony into a picturesque zone by adorning it with colorful flowers. Place potted flower plants in the corners or simply create a lovely lining of small flower pots across the grille or railing. It will look pretty for sure. You can arrange nice wicker baskets filled with colorful flowers on a wall. Bring in sunflowers, roses, lilies, tulips or any other flower of your choice and make the most of these to decorate your balcony. You can also use artificial flowers as they are much in trend these days and easy to maintain as well. There are myriad beautiful and unique flower decoration ideas for home that you can try out.

Add Chic Furniture

Modern and trendy furniture can serve as great adornments for your balcony. You can opt for anything from wooden furniture to rattan ottomans to wrought iron sofas and even wooden swings. These can be your best bet for seating options. Traditional chairs and tables can add up the style quotient in the space.

Use Decorative Accents

Don your creative hats and give a dash of exuberance by throwing in decorative accents in your balcony. From colorful showpieces to shining lanterns and colorful rugs, you can simply use anything to bring and eclectic touch to your favorite spot in the house. Play with colors and opt for a colored theme design. Even bouquets placed on a table can make for a beautiful centerpiece on a table. You can bring in some cute wall hangings too. Using faux grass rug for balconies can be a great option to give a natural looking feel to your balcony.

Classic Décor Ideas

If you want to set up a classic look for your balcony then use some royal elements.  How about a chandelier? Well, if you are blessed with a spacious balcony then set up a lovely chandelier from the ceiling. Even a small chandelier can work wonders for a small set up. You can add in mirrors for a charming outlook. Decorating with mirrors can be a one of a kind design idea for a balcony that will surely never go unnoticed. You can also set up an old wall clock or decorate the wall with family pictures. Set up a lantern on a table for a classic and exquisite feel. You can set up salt lamps and other beeswax candles at a small table as they look nice and help in purifying the air. In fact, you can try out many other effortless ways to purify air naturally at home to have a sense of freshness in your balcony.

It is often that balconies end up being the ultimate resting spot where you can enjoy a nice read with a cup of coffee and sometimes even catch a nap. Sometimes it even turns into a chill-out zone where you can chatter with your friends and family or even indulge in a romantic dinner with your loved one. In that case, make sure you do not fail to give a charming edge to your balcony design. Make sure you use these absolutely in-vogue balcony decoration ideas to make your balcony into picture perfect spot.


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