5 Restaurant Renovation Tips for Running a Successful Business


A successful restaurant is one that provides their customers with delicious meals and beverages, but it’s also one that takes every service aspect into consideration when it comes to customer satisfaction. In that respect, restaurant renovation is a much-needed change and an essential part of giving the customers what they want as well as making them interested enough to come again. Just like love sometimes isn’t enough to keep two people together, putting all the effort into the food when a restaurant business is concerned may not be enough to retain and create loyal customers. While it may be difficult to talk about romantic relationships with certainty, it is a well-known fact that, aside from the food, people pay a great deal of attention to the atmosphere and general look of the restaurant when picking a place to eat at. So, what renovations should you be considering if your plan is to lead a highly successful restaurant business?

Planning is everything

Home renovations may allow you some luxury in the sense that you can pause and reconsider the changes whenever you feel necessary. But when it comes to the renovation process of your restaurant business that can affect your livelihood, thorough planning is an absolute must. After all, you don’t want any delays or potential mistakes along the way.

For starters, estimating the time necessary for the whole renovation process is absolutely essential. Consider every little thing that goes into the renovation and get professional estimates from contractors. That way, you’ll know how to organize your business and updates so that you don’t miss out on the high seasons. However, it’s important to open at least a couple of days before the high season so that you can double check everything. Furthermore, keep everyone involved in your business informed about the renovation progress. This doesn’t only include your staff but your customers as well. So, don’t forget to keep them updated on your social media profiles and through your email newsletters. Of course, you should always do a proper research before making any final decisions. Ask for customer feedback on this matter. But before you do anything too quickly, make sure that you’re 100% sure of what you’re going to do with your floor plan because this is the most basic aspect of the renovation and it will be really difficult to modify later on.

Effective restaurant renovations:

1. Focus on your kitchen first

Even though your customers probably won’t get to see what your kitchen looks like, this is the heart of every restaurant. As someone hoping to excel at a restaurant business, you need to make the most of your kitchen renovation. In general, opt for a renowned and top-quality equipment manufacturer such as the established Teralba Industries, so that you ensure a modern and functional kitchen workspace that will assist your staff effectively. Aside from the elements and appliances, you should also strive to achieve an ergonomic kitchen design that’s energy efficient and appropriately sized, with a good ventilation system and easy maintenance.

2. Update your bathroom

You may feel that other areas of your restaurant deserve more attention, but don’t forget just how important the bathroom can be for your customers. If you can expand the bathroom space, definitely go for it. But even if you can’t, make sure that the layout is as functional and spacious as it can be. Go for a clean look and then use accent tiles, wallpaper or even accent plants for décor.

3. Get new lighting

Lighting is very important for every kind of interior and restaurants are no exception. In the end, this may make or break the deal for your customers. In general, install ambient lighting fixtures throughout the restaurant. This will be the main source of artificial light that will affect the customer experience. Make sure that the lights are warm and bright enough. Task lighting is absolutely necessary for smaller areas where your staff works, or, for example, in the bathroom next to the sink. Also, don’t forget about accent lighting that will bring attention to your décor and completely transform the whole atmosphere of your restaurant interior.

4. Install new flooring

As mentioned, floor updates need to be carefully realized, especially when it comes to the floor plan. That said, you should plan your new flooring installation carefully as well. In general, you want something durable that will look attractive and effectively hide potential stains and spills. Natural cleft slate is a great solution if you want to go with a more rustic look, but acrylic-infused engineered hardwood floor is also a good option.

If you don't want to install new flooring, you could get the existing flooring deep cleaned instead to make it look as good as new. For UK based premises, one company that works all across the country is Ideal Cleaning who specialise in commercial cleaning. You won't be able to get an exact quote through their website as they'd need to survey the space first, but you can look into what services they provide and get in touch at the following address if this option is of interest: https://www.idealcleaning.co.uk/

5. Transform your furnishing

Finally, it’s necessary to deal with the look of your furniture. These, too, are an essential part of the whole restaurant experience for your customers. If your chairs and tables are all bent and worn out, you can bet that your customers will have the impression that your food lacks the necessary appeal as well. You don’t have to get new furniture if repairs, refinishing and reupholstery are a possible choice. Just make sure that the furniture pieces match the restaurant theme, look good and feel comfortable.

Don’t hesitate to ask for customer feedback once the renovation is over as well. Not only will this clearly indicate just how much you value their opinion, it will also help you make some changes if necessary and possible, quickly enough.

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