5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas that Work


Being able to successfully market the property that you’re selling is one of the major determiners of your efficiency as a real estate business. Therefore, finding proper marketing methods for the industry needs to become a top priority for any serious real estate agent or entrepreneur. Fortunately, in this day and age, you have so many different means and options to do this in a way that strongly speaks to your target audience. Here are the top five real estate marketing ideas that are known to give the best results.

  1. VR and AR

The tech trends of VR and AR have an immense potential in the real estate industry. The reason behind this is the fact that they have a chance to provide an audience with interactive tours of the real estate, which are both more pragmatic and more immersive. The availability of these tools alone will make these tours A) time-saving and B) more available. Normally, your staff would be able to provide only so many tours per day and a significant portion of your audience wouldn’t really be able to visit every property that they show some interest in.

  1. SEO

A person looking to buy a house in a certain area is most likely to start their search by googling this idea of theirs. For instance, if they plan to get a home in the Eastern or West Sydney, they’ll just type this into the search. Even if they aren’t ready to buy or contact you right away, encountering your offer while researching the local offer or checking the price can be quite handy. First of all, it gives you a chance to make a good first impression. The best way to get there is to increase the visibility of your offer via an SEO. In this day and age, investing in voice search SEO is also a great idea.

  1. Offline marketing

Even with all the technology described or mentioned above, the fact is that the real estate industry tends to be quite traditional by nature. This is why, when they drive out, people expect to see mentions of real estate agencies on billboards or hear about them onthe radio. Other than this, it’s quite effective for marketers in the real estate industry to distribute merchandise like promotional hats. Needless to say, seeing as how people expect real estate marketers to be old-school, you should also have some printed out business cards at hand, just in case.

  1. Word of mouth recommendations

People who have a pleasure doing business with you are likely to recommend you to anyone who mentions that they are in need of a real estate agent or a person looking to buy a house. This, nonetheless, requires you to leave a good impression. In other words, the best marketing idea that you could ever hear is providing an exemplary service so that your previous clients become your brand ambassadors. This is a simple method, however, quite an effective one.

  1. Having an outstanding website

The next thing you need to ensure is that your website is up to the task. Why? Well, upon learning about your business or encountering your offer, the majority of people will immediately look you up and check out your website. First of all, you need to show them your credentials and then immediately take them where they want to go and show them what they want to see. This is A) the offer of real estate that you can provide and B) a blog filled with free expert advice. In other words, you’re providing value straight away.

In the end, you can also go for old-school commercials, utilize the power of Instagram and Snapchat, as well as advertise in local newspapers. Still, the above-listed five methods give you a simple, direct and effective way to establish a direct link with your audience and provide them with what they’re looking for. Later on, if you want to add more to your offer, you should be free to do so, however, the above-listed five methods should definitely be your go-to.

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