5 Quick, Easy Updates to Add Value to Your Home


Whether you’re planning to sell your home to purchase a new one or you just want to do some upgrading, revamping your humble home can get pretty expensive and may require a lot of time and effort. In this article, we’ve compiled five easy ways that you can increase your home’s value in the easiest and quickest way possible, without breaking the bank.

Five Quick and Easy Updates to Add Value

  1. Front Yard Landscaping

They say curb appeal is vitally important for selling a home, and this lies in the fact that people truly do judge a book by its cover. Updating your landscaping, especially in your front yard, will add both curb appeal and value.  The facade is a great factor to consider when you want to add value, therefore you shouldn’t forget about that boring green space out front when you’re trying to resell the place for a higher price tag.


One good tip to consider is arranging the plants and shrubs in a pathway to the main entrance of the house. It is also a good idea to frame the doorway with shrubs or trees that accentuate it’s design, making the entrance of the home the focal point of the entire facade.

Consider adding in a few bright flowers for flashes of color and pop.


Chances are just trimming back and even pruning your existing landscaping can help a lot as well. Just a few new plants, some flashes of color, and a well manicured yard can be all you need to add value to your home.

  1. Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen can be considered as the wow factor of any home. Don’t lose this opportunity by cutting back on updating your old kitchen counter tops. Old countertops, whether tile, wood, or some other material, show their age quickly because of how much use they get. They stick out like a sore thumb, unfortunately.

Updating to a newer countertop will freshen up the kitchen’s centerpoint. You can either do it yourself or hire it out. It may seem like a tedious job for a novice DIY-er, but you don’t need more than a few basic supplies and a power saw.

With the right methods, anyone can transform their kitchen counters and island tables to add value to their home.

Do Your Research

Design choices and tastes can vary depending on where you live, as well as the area’s demographic. Before completely ripping out your old countertops, make sure you’ve done your part and checked out the styles homeowners in your area are looking for.

It doesn’t matter whether you think granite is better than laminate, if that’s what the trend is in the area, that’s what you’re going to use to bring in that additional value to the home.

  1. Repaint Kitchen Cabinets

Because the kitchen plays such a huge role in setting the tone of the entire house, not only is it important to renovate the kitchen countertops, but the kitchen cabinets as well. What you thought was old and unusable mightonly need a new coat of paint or stain.

Not only is this cheaper than a complete replacement, but it saves you the effort and money of completely replacing your cabinets—a cost efficient alternative to making everything feel just as fresh and new.

Prior to painting your kitchen cabinets, it’s best to identify the color scheme and design choices you’re going for to be able to plan out how it’s going to look like in the end. Once again, it’s important to consider the ongoing trend in the area to make sure your efforts don’t go down the drain. Online apps such as Houzz allow you to get ideas and plan your entire project before even breaking ground.

Regardless, you’re going to have fresh looking cabinets that will look great within your newly revamped kitchen.

  1. New Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom remodels can be expensive and time consuming, but you might get a lot of the same benefits by just focusing on the vanity. Paying extra close attention to the master’s bath, homeowners want to feel like they’re at their own spa, and one sure fire way to bring the spa closer to home is by replacing your old bathroom vanity with a new one.

Whether it’s just an old sink or a dirty mirror, replacing your bathroom’s lavatory is a quick and easy way to renovate the bathroom, giving it that extra oomph, without much effort. You can usually find trendy but cheap replacements easily, and a swap of old to new can be done by most home DIYers.

Turn this vanity area into a haven for you and your family by adding in some classy decorative pieces, or some plants and some essential oils that will add to the overall feel of the space. Not only will you feel like a king or a queen in your own throne, but this will add in the extra cha-ching you need once you sell the house.

  1. New Double Pane Windows

Replacing your single pane windows for some double glass windows not only saves you money, but aids in the conservation of energy consumption too. In contrast to the traditional style windows, these double pane windows are comprised of two glass panes that help trap in noise, heat from the sun, and contain warm or cool air from both indoor and outdoor sides of the home.

It may seem expensive at first, as a single double pane window may range from $400-$800, but getting one can save you a lot of money from your monthly energy bills in the long run. In addition, it also prevents condensation and moisture from occuring, which counters mold from growing on the window sills and nearby walls. It also looks a lot more modern and chic and definitely adds some bonus points to your home’s curb appeal, as well as your home’s functionality.



If you’ve been looking for ways on how to update your home while still adding value, then these tips and tricks are for you. Just always remember to think about your design ideas and choices thoroughly, and you’ll be adding that extra bang for your buck in no time.

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