5 Easy Ways To Track The Value Of Your Real Estate


Knowing the worth of your real estate is important for several reasons, and not only needed at the time you decide to sell it. It’s been 10 years since the global financial crisis hit the world hard and it still hasn’t recovered completely. Real estate value has dropped substantially then and it wasn’t until two years ago rgar the housing market started to recover. This created a frustrating situation for homebuyers because the banks became more strict and untrustworthy when it comes to loans, and homeowners are worried to sell if the prices are going up.

Now, evaluating the worth of your real estate is not important only for sale purposes but also for insurance and taxation – two aspects which would be smart to pay attention to. Other reasons to know the value would be because you want to invest in it or use it as financing collateral. So let’s have a look at the ways and manner of tracking your real estate for whatever purpose you need.

Have insight in local sales

One of the things that neighbours like to talk about is real estate value. That’s why most of the homeowners roughly know the value of real estate in their neighbourhood. This information largely depends on the shape of the property and what kind of renovations it will require after the sale. Visit to the taxation office could give you more realistic information on the prices than the word of mouth. Also, the visual appearance of the house exterior with adjoining features, like the garden or backyard, or the state of the lot you’re selling regarding running water and soil type can be the determining factor for the price tag.

Use online tools

Almost everything is available online today, only if you know where to look. So it’s no surprise that you can use online tools and websites to get appraisal of your real estate and stay in the loop with any possible changes on the market. One of these websites is Zillow, used to track the value of your real estate. The users praise this website for its user-friendly interface and layout. When you enter the worth of your property you will receive a Zestimate, which is an estimated value done by Zillow.

Another website is Redfin, where you can enter more details about the real estate and besides its worth, also find out the how much the annual taxes are. One more portal is important to mention and that’s Realtor.com. It’s free and provides you with various information when you enter your address. Besides the price estimate of your real estate, you will find out more about the schools, property taxes and average listing prices in the neighbourhood. This tool will also let you look up the home of your neighbours or any other person and show you details about their home and tax assessments.

Ask a real estate agency for appraisal

If you can’t get the assessment of your real estate property value, the safest way to get the data you need is to contact an agency and hire them to do this for you. As professionals in this field they will have a lot of experience with evaluating furnished and serviced apartments, empty lots, big but ruined houses, etc. The realtors also know about the recent sales in your neighbourhood and can advise you how to raise the price and get the most out of potential renovations and repairs.

Look for a property profile from an insurance company

Besides the real estate agencies, insurance companies also have information on recent sales in your neighbourhood or any area you’re interested in. Some will do this for free because they hope you’ll sign an insurance agreement with them, while others may charge you for this information. The profile will give insight into the comparable real estate and their characteristics. This is useful since you can see firsthand what changes could raise the price of your property and which aspects you should avoid since those can be too much work and unprofitable.

Check the local ads

In the end or at the start you can check the newspapers or the Internet for local ads. This is very common information to be found in the ad section of newspapers today, even in the modern technology era. Advertisers try to include as much information as they can and while newspapers are restricting, the online ads encourage sellers to post pictures and videos of their real estate and require of them to enter as much information as possible and a detailed description.

Still, even with these parameters, you will have to double-check the prices of those properties similar to yours with the realtor or insurance agency since sometimes they can be exaggerated or downsized, depending on the reasons for sale.


Think about knowing the value of your real estate and monitoring it from time to time as a matter of planning your future and having control over the important issues in your life. No one knows what tomorrow really brings even though we believe we do. So making sure that all your possessions are in order and that you have all the information you need to use them to your advantage if need be is prudent and responsible behaviour on your part. This is also a significant step to ensure the future and existence of your family and heirs, as well as to be prepared if you receive an interesting and tempting offer for your property.   


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