4 Ways to Give a Touch of Luxury to Your Bathroom


Even though the bathroom seems like the most unimportant part of the house, it’s actually the place where you fully get to be yourself. From bathing to pampering, your bathroom is the centre of your privacy. So why wouldn’t you add a touch of luxury to it? You deserve to feel like royalty. No matter how distant it may see, luxury is definitely something we can all have. You can easily make your bathroom more luxurious with these tips.

1. Focus on the Walls

The walls tell the story of any room. Most people think that bathroom walls can’t really be decorated because of potential splashes and overall humidity. This simply isn’t true, though. First of all, tiles exist for a reason. Don’t be afraid to match different coloured tiles and create your own patterns. As well as that, you can opt for tiles with elaborate patterns already on them and enjoy incorporating them into your design.

If you’re not one for tiles, you can make use of bathroom wallpaper. It’s simple to use, yet highly effective. If there’s anything that can make your bathroom more luxurious it’s the right wallpaper.

2. Play with Colour

Luxurious doesn’t have to be just white or beige. The modern take on luxurious design welcomes colour with open arms. Playing with colour in your bathroom can make it appear more playful, but also highly elegant. From grand gestures to focusing on the details, colour can have the effect you’ve been looking for.

For example, you could match your ceiling to your shower screen. This is a simple colourful touch yet it shapes the room completely. When it comes to focusing on the details, you can always match all of your accessories. The base bathroom colour should be neutral, while your accessories should all be of the same colour. Towels, baskets, soap dispensers- and anything else you can think of.

3. Get New Parts

Sometimes the problem with bathrooms is that most things have started to rust or lose their shine. This can make the bathroom look old, regardless of what other parts you try to improve. It’s also very common for bathroom parts to break or leak, getting you further away from luxury instead of closer to it.

Visiting a bathroom warehouse could solve all your problems. You’ll be able to find high-quality parts which are aesthetically appealing as well. Your bathroom will no longer have anything to do with rust or leaking. Because warehouses usually carry numerous models, you’ll have more choice than in a local store. This will allow you to get the perfect fit and achieve design perfection.

4. Add a Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to introduce luxury to the bathroom. They’re elegant, classy, and functional. You can also match them to the colour and style of your bathroom very easily, thus making them an even more welcome sight. Mirrors also reflect light, thus making the room brighter. As well as that, they’re amazing for making the room feel and look bigger.

You can opt for anything from full wall mirrors to vanity mirrors. It all depends on the kind of look and effect you’re after. Your mirror should match the style of the bathroom, but it should also match your personality,


As you can see, giving your bathroom a touch of luxury can turn into a fun project. Renovations may be challenging, but they’re also very rewarding. Just imagine the feeling of bathing in your new elegant and luxurious bathroom for the first time. Your personal oasis is only a few steps away, and we’re confident you can get it.

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