4 Brilliant Tips For Building A Quality Swimming Pool Without Breaking The Bank


There are few home additions more exciting than an inground swimming pool. This type of home addition promises years of fun, exercise, and relaxation. The largest obstacle to owning an inground swimming pool is the price. Fortunately, there are tips to help you afford an inground swimming pool without breaking the bank.

Shop Around

The golden rule for shopping is to never settle for the price you find at the first store you visit. Always shop around to see if you can find a better deal elsewhere. This same rule should be used when you search for a swimming pool contractor. It's important for you to check around for swimming pool contractors in neighboring counties and cities instead of narrowing your search to only your city and county. Swimming pool contractors may be able to give you inground pool pricing over the phone or may need to visit your home for a consultation to give you a more accurate estimate. Once you've received your accurate estimate from a handful of swimming pool contractors, check their customer reviews online to see which one has the lowest estimate combined with the best reputation. This will keep your costs down and ensure that you receive the best service for your money.

Take It Easy On Accessories

When you begin to plan the pool of your dreams, it's easy to be carried away with additionals and accessories. If you want to enjoy the fun of having an inground pool while not digging yourself into debt, you will want to hold back on adding too many accessories. The great thing about inground pools is that many of the aspects of it are able to be altered and upgraded after construction. Heating pumps, as an example, are a very popular addition to pools. Unfortunately, they also increase the price of your inground pool by as much as $4,000. This is an addition that can certainly wait until you've recovered from the financial blow of building the inground pool itself.

Think Small

A common desire amongst homeowners who begin planning their inground swimming pool is to have the largest pool that they can fit in their backyard. A larger pool means more room to swim, play, and relax. Unfortunately, as the size of your swimming pool increases, the cost of its installation increases as well. To keep your swimming pool installation within your budget, consider taking your swimming pool size down a few feet. While a large pool is the ultimate statement of luxury, you shouldn't push ahead to make that statement at the expense of your bank account. Don't get caught up on size because your family will enjoy swimming in a smaller pool just as much as they will enjoy swimming in a larger pool.

Keep Your Patio Flexible

While getting the swimming pool installed on your property is essential, it's not the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration as your swimming pool plans are created. There is the issue of installing a patio or an apron around the edge of the swimming pool. This patio will be the gathering point of merry swimmers and sunbathers while your swimming pool is in use. It's important to remain flexible when it comes to the installation of this patio or apron. Instead of choosing to install an entire patio fixture at the same time as the swimming pool, opt to have a small apron wrapped around your pool as a starting point. This will keep your swimming pool budget small. A full patio can then be added later after you've saved up enough money. You have two options in regards to materials when it comes to your apron. You can choose between stamped concrete or pavers.

Swimming pools require regular maintenance to remain operational and hygienic. Be sure to discuss these maintenance requirements with your swimming pool contractor to avoid expensive repairs or cleanings.

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