3 Warnings About Unlicensed Plumbers

It can seem easy to hire a plumber to assist with improving your home. However, not choosing the right plumber for the job could lead to regrets later on. If you need a plumber for your home, you need to choose wisely and avoid cheap rates. Cheap rates can often be a sign that something is wrong. Here are a few tips to help you avoid hiring an unlicensed plumber.

Injury and Damage Risks

Hiring a plumber that has not been licensed to do work in your home can be very risky. Unlicensed plumbers will not carry insurance which means that if the person gets injured in your home, you may end up being liable for their injuries. In addition, an unlicensed person may not fix the job properly which could mean that your home becomes damaged. If you don't want to have any of these issues and you want to avoid them all together, check to make sure that your plumber is licensed through the appropriate government agencies.

Slow Work or Non-Completion of Work

The most common situation in which an unlicensed plumber is discovered by a homeowner is when the plumber is working at an exceptionally slow pace or fails to finish the job. The signs that this is occurring are typically that the plumber is missing milestones on the project that you had originally agreed to or has never presented you with a plan as to how long the work is expected to take. Instead of waiting for the symptoms that the person you hired is not working out as planned, dealing with the issue before you choose to hire someone can help you to avoid such problems.


Working with a plumber that is unlicensed means that you could end up spending more than you originally anticipated. In addition to problems caused by the unlicensed plumber failing to do the job correctly, the work may not meet the standards that are imposed by local regulators. This means that you will then have to hire a new plumber for an additional cost to deal with these issues.

Plumbing is a sensitive job that needs to be done by a person that is well-experienced and is properly licensed. If you need assistance with finding a reputable plumber in your area, click here to request your free quotes for plumbing services now.

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