13 Stunning Ceiling Design Ideas to Put Your Home on Trend

by Design First Interiors


Are you looking to spruce up your home with creative ceiling design? Off course, you can! There are so many ideas that can make your rooms attractive. Using ceiling as a focal point of your interior, you can be smart with your choices to make your style. We’ve assembled some best designs that will help you to find a perfect match for your home!


Add Style to your Ceiling


You can be creative to design your ceiling that suits your choice! This dining room hopefully looks cool to you, isn’t? The room provides a beautiful design that connects this room to a living room and kitchen. You can apply this idea for decorating your home too.


by Alex Mouldings  


Painted Wooden Ceiling

Did you think about a painted ceiling with the dark color on your walls? This dining room reflects an excellent design with wooden ceiling beautifully combined with the light blue wall that would surely catch your eyes! 


by Mark English Architects


Serve Dinner under an Elegant Ceiling

This dining room provides a fascinating concept that can help you take ideas. It shows an elegant style combining the ceiling design with furniture and other materials with similar color patterns.


by 2 Design Group     


Stunning Geometry on a High Ceiling

The high ceiling can make a room looks surprisingly well! As Matt Varnado shows here, the entire space of this living room looks bigger thanks to this ceiling design. Also, the brown color matching with furniture and wall trims makes the room feels impressive.    


by Matt Varnado


Tiled Ceiling Inspires Romance

This kitchen designed with tiled ceiling. The ceiling makes a stunning appearance that you would probably like. You can combine your design with decorative moldings and lighting that will turn your rooms feels cozy!  


by Decorative Tiles Inc.


Metallic Ceiling for a Modern Twist

If you like to give your ceiling a modern touch of design then, the metallic ceiling can be a good choice that you can consider. This living room shows a metal ceiling design that looks charming! 


by Wheeler Kearns Architects         


Stucco Ceiling with LED Potlights  

This modern living room designed with stucco ceiling. With lighting arrangements throughout the ceiling, this style reflects a new concept of unique imagination.


by GRADY-O-GRADY Construction     


Starting Fresh with a Herringbone Ceiling

This kitchen shows a creative style of herringbone ceiling that acts as a focal point of this entire room. Although these designs can rarely found, it presents applying different models can look cool as well! 




Geometric Balance Creates Elegance

Create perfect combination between the ceiling and other elements at your room can be a little challenging to you! This living room gives a beautiful design of perfect geometric balance for ceiling and furniture.


by Old World Stoneworks


Glass Ceilings Flood Spaces With Light

Did you ever think about glass ceiling with a combination of decorative lighting? It can be a smart idea as well. Here we present a design for those who love glass ceiling to decorate their home. Maybe you can find a perfect match for you too!


by Harrell Remodeling Inc.


Origami-Like Ceiling Structure

Would you like to create an attractive design for your ceiling? You can do it by origami-like design! This apartment shows this pattern of wooden ceiling. Also, the lighting arrangement gives a unique expression with reflecting the color of the entire ceiling.    


by Dizainall


Ceiling Tiles Reflect Vivid Colors

Anthony Lindsey presents an excellent idea of tiled ceiling design that is shining with this living room's atmosphere. If you like metallic ceiling tile, you can go with this and let your ceiling reflects your creative interior choices. Also, you can mix vivid colors at furniture and walls to add some difference.


by Melyssa Robert Designer  


Modern Tray Ceiling Design

Did you think about adding a modern touch to your living room, dining or bedroom interior? The tray ceiling can be a perfect choice for your home! This ceiling design shows an attractive style for wooden tray ceiling giving a smart look at this interior.


by Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design


We hope you will get these ideas helpful. Be creative at your choice and you can surely be able to change the overall feeling of your home with unique ceiling design. Just choose your ceiling design the same color with furniture and other details of your room or you can use just two colors to make a difference!      

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