10 Unique Terrarium Designs To decor Your workplace.


Terrariums not only look trendy but they can also perk up any space. Whether it's your home or office space, a terrarium setup simply looks wonderful. If you are planning to enliven your office space or you want to make your workplace look bright, opt for a terrarium.

Terrarium supplies in Singapore give you many options to choose from. You can personalize a terrarium according to your workplace decor or simply choose a coordinated style. Here are 10 unique Terrarium designs to decor your workplace, read on to know more.

1. Metal Stand Terrarium

It is perfect for your desk; you can place a metal stand and a glass bowl. You can simply add some colorful stones with a plant you love in this terrarium style. It will not take much space and will highlight the look of your office.

2. Air Plant Terrarium

It is the most popular terrarium style for the workplace. Air plants do not require maintenance and water. You can simply place colorful plants in a bowl and keep it at the corner of your workspace. Or, you also have an option of placing the Terrarium on your desk at the corner. Highlight the look of your room with this style.

3. Moss Terrarium

This is another terrarium style that would look great for your workplace. You can use a glass jar or a mason jar to set this up. Add some tiny ferns and soil to make this terrarium. The Terrarium is low maintenance and yet very creative for your office space.

4. Desert Terrarium

Desert terrarium style also looks good for your workplace. It's made from sand and small plant and does not require much effort for maintenance. You can choose white sand desert look in this Terrarium to enhance its feel. It will surely look wonderful in your office space. Get terrarium supplies in Singapore to enhance your room decor.

5. Beach Terrarium

If you want to make your office space stress free, you can simply place a beach terrarium at your desk. Just place a beach chair and sand in a glass jar and keep it at the corner of your workplace. Whenever you are stressed, just look at the pretty Terrarium and get relaxed by the feel of it.

6. Bulb Terrarium With Aquatic Plants

For a creative workplace, you can use a bulb terrarium with aquatic plants. You can enhance the look of the room by choosing this style and make it look more interesting. There are many different options available, so personalize it accordingly.

7. Bonsai Terrarium

If you like to keep your space simple, then this terrarium style will definitely suit your workplace. Simply place a plant you love in a glass bowl or a huge glass container. Its low maintenance and can enhance the look of your office space.

8. Large Miniature Landscape

For bigger office spaces, it is a great idea to choose bigger terrarium styles. Like a large miniature landscape. You can set this up in a large glass bowl with lots of designs to choose from. A landscape design looks perfect if you want your space to look brighter. With many plants and things inside, it will definitely be a highlight of your office space. Choose a version that you love.

9. Small Cork Bottle Terrarium

Place a small cork bottle terrarium at your desk and enhance the beauty of your room. This style can be easily maintained with a single plant and make your workplace look beautiful. A small cork bottle Terrarium also looks good at a design studio or art studio. Choose a style you love to make your workplace look wonderful.

10. Geometric Terrarium Planter

This style again looks great for any office space. The geometric design not only enhances your office space but also adds that extra dash of color. With two plants, this can really look wonderful and it's also easy to maintain.

There are so many terrarium styles to choose from, go ahead and decorate your workplace to make it look trendy.

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