What Type Of Aluminium Windows Are There


If you are shopping for aluminium windows for your home, there are a variety of options to choose from. There are five basic types of windows that are available for installation in a flat in Singapore. All window installations require a permit so it is important to evaluate the choices before making a selection. Here is some information on the various types of aluminium windows available on the market so that you can make the best choice for your home. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows are excellent for ventilation. However, these types of windows are more likely to be inspected by the HDB. The casement windows must have a stainless steel rivet according regulations set by the HDB. Casement windows also rank highly in terms of design and there are several options that you can select from to find the best design for your home.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can only be installed in common corridors of an HDB flat for safety reasons. Sliding windows are great for ventilation. However, when it comes to design options, the choices can be limited.

Lourve Windows

Like sliding windows, these can only be installed in common areas according to HDB regulations. However, these windows can also be installed in the bathroom and toilet as well.

Lourve windows don't necessary have a lot of choices when it comes to design style. However, if you are looking for a window that already has a unique modern look, these windows are a good option. They do not offer as much in the way of ventilation because of the fact that the windows have many panel.

Top Hung Windows

Top hung windows should be installed in the bathroom or toilet of an HDB flat according to regulations. They are also excellent for ventilation because the window can be widely opened. Top hung windows aren't considered to be the most stylish when it comes to design. However, top hung windows will get the job done if ventilation is needed in a small space.

3 in 1 Windows

Three in one windows are the most recent when it comes to window technology. These windows have become very popular thanks to the fact that they also offer excellent ventilation. In addition, they are also very easy to clean and maintain so that they will last. If you are looking for more options, the 3 in 1 windows are available with different options for both the frame and the glass.

Homeowners who want new windows installed must obtain a HDB permit. Failing to obtain this permit could cause problems in the event of a sale of the flat or an inspection from the HDB. Therefore a qualified window installation service should always make sure to request the required permits so that there aren't any problems later on.


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