6 Easy Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your House


It's hard enough maintaining a home without having to deal with a bug and pest infestation. Not only are they disgusting but they bring with them all sorts of health hazards. We should try to prevent them from getting into our homestead as much as we can.

Here are some simple ways of preventing pests from getting into your home.

1. Doors are perhaps the most obvious means of getting in and out of your house. Keeping it shut for most of the day will keep intruders away. However, it's not much of an obstacle for your minuscule creepers.

Ants, cockroaches, stink bugs among others can so easily slide through the cracks between door edges and vaults. It is best to minimize or completely block these spaces to keep bugs at bay.

A nylon door sweep is one you can get from your local hardware. Install it on the door skirts to help seal the space between the door and the floor. This, combined with an aluminum threshold, will make for a simple yet highly effective blockage against unwanted tiny sneaks to your home.

2. Proper ventilation makes for a convenient home living. Unfortunately, if not implemented properly in a house, it can also be a means of pests entering your humble abode. On top of which, mosquitoes and cockroaches are usually out and about during hot summer days and will likely be on a lookout for the coziest places to live off of. 

An expert exterminator would recommend a simple mesh screen is one of the most common solutions of keeping bugs out while allowing the breeze to come through. Choose a 20-mesh screen or anything smaller that ensures these parasitic bugs are denied entry on the regular. Just be ready to keep some splines and scissors ready to fix some tears on the screen every now and then. 

3. Managing the inside of your home can definitely help in mitigating bug infestations from burgeoning. All though how much maintenance you do inside is only as good as how well you are at keeping the outside orderly too. Your yard is as much an invitation to bugs as your house is depending on how well you keep it neat and clean. 

Keep an eye out for puddles. This usually indicates issues with drainage. Keep gutters and drains unclogged to ensure water can freely flow to where they need to go. Should there be pools on the ground, you can fill these in with loose soil. Also, try to aerate the ground, that way it can absorb the water that comes splashing through the surface. 

4. As with anything worth keeping, cracks, holes, and breaks are signs of impending distress. The sooner you can identify these around your home, the sooner you would be able to prevent any pest from inviting themselves in. 

You can use caulk to seal cracks and holes on almost any surface. These are commonly used on windows sills and exhaust grilles. On top of which, you can use it on foundational cracks and joints of walls and sidings. It also helps that it is cheap and highly durable. 

5. If any two particular reasons will drive any bug to your home, these are food and shelter. Leaving food out in the open is basically equivalent to you beckoning them to live with you. You add clutter to that and you're basically offering heaven. 

Make sure to keep food in sealed containers. If they easily spoil, store in the refrigerator. Those fruit centerpieces on your table are pretty to look at but they won't do you any favors in bug-proofing your place.

6. If all else fails and what you have on hand is more than you can handle, getting expert help may as well be the best course of action. Check on local exterminators in your area. You are bound to find some who deal with these home challenges on the regular with all-match options.


Kerry Brooks is a passionate blogger and informative content writer who loves to write about home improvement, home renovation ideas, and interior designs. She is currently working for Cayce Bugs, one of the leading exterminator columbia sc companies dedicated to providing quality home pest control services.

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