Top Rooms to Decorate for the Holidays


Whenever a holiday is approaching, decorating the home can be a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Some people like to decorate every single nook and cranny in their house, but the sad reality is that all of this effort can be wasted. It is best to concentrate your holiday decorating in the rooms where they will make the most impact. These are the top rooms to decorate during any holiday.

Living Rooms

For most modern families, the living room is the main gathering place. Therefore, it is the ideal room for decorating. A nice thing about living rooms is that they typically have the space for larger holiday displays like Christmas trees and present piles. If your living room contains a fireplace, highlight this architectural feature with holiday candles, garlands, and knickknacks. Greenery and other holiday themed garlands also look lovely wrapped around curtain rods or larger entertainment cabinets in your living room. To add even more festive decorations, swap out your normal throw pillows and coffee table decor for holiday themed accents.

Children's Rooms

Though most people focus on public rooms in their homes and neglect the bedrooms, you may want to consider also adding some decor to the rooms for any of your children. Being a child during a holiday is a fun and magical event, so be sure to bring a little of that holiday cheer into your children's bedrooms. You can give each child mini artificial Christmas trees that they can decorate with their own personalized ornaments. Another fun option is to hang twinkling lights along the ceiling or work with your child to make paper garlands and ornaments to hang on the walls. Decorating a child's room can be an excellent way to bond and share holiday traditions.

Dining Room

The dining room is an excellent decorating opportunity, especially if you are planning on having guests over to eat a festive meal. It is an excellent area to decorate during the holidays because there are many available surfaces where decorations can sit without being disturbed. If you have a longer table, a lovely centerpiece can be the perfect way to get everyone in the holiday spirit. It is also a great opportunity to display any holiday themed salt and pepper shakers, tablecloths, placemats, or dishes. The table is not the only area you can decorate during holidays. Any chandelier style light fixtures can look lovely with a festive wreath or holiday themed shades, and you can also add fun touches on chair backs or sideboards.


Make sure your guests get into a holiday mood as soon as they arrive by adding lots of festive touches to your front entryway. In smaller foyers and entry halls, you can arrange holiday ornaments and candles along a console table. Larger entrances can even be big enough to fit trees or cheerful holiday statues. Those who have hooks and shelves along their entrance have the opportunity to tie bows or hang ornaments from these areas. Another great decorating opportunity in many entryways is the stairs because you can wrap greenery, ribbons, and lights around the railing. You can even include the front door in the entryway decorations by adding a wreath or a holiday doormat to the door.

All of these rooms are great places to decorate because they ensure that your decorations get viewed by your family and your guests. Even a simple wreath or a few candles has a noticeable impact when placed in one of these rooms, and most of them contain architectural details and furniture that is well suited for decor. What are your holiday decorating plans?

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