Stay Productive with an Inspiring Home Workspace


If you feel unmotivated or find yourself dreading going into your home office to begin work, you may want to take a closer look at your work environment. By making some adjustments to your home office space, you can not only boost your mood but also inspire yourself to continue working.


Office lighting that is too dim or too bright can both negatively affect your productivity. Poor lighting can decrease your efficiency by causing eye strain, headaches, and low energy while lights that are too harsh and bright will cause glare that can make it difficult to work. The ambient lighting already present in your workspace is usually not enough to power a home office, so you’ll want to consider additional light sources. Avoid direct overhead lighting that will cause glare on your workspace below. Floor lamps that cast their light upward toward the ceiling are better options as they will reflect the light more gently across the walls. For tabletop light sources, look for lampshades that will diffuse and soften harsh light. The result is a warm, illuminated environment that will allow you to focus more efficiently on your work.

Round furniture

Modern offices these days are filled with curved, rounded furniture without straight edges. There have been several studies that have investigated the appeal of this phenomenon. When comparing offices with curvilinear furniture to those filled with rectilinear furniture, researchers have found that the former inspired more positive emotions and aesthetic pleasure, which can lead to an increase in productivity and creativity. You can apply this to your home workspace by choosing desks with rounded corners, lamps with circular bases, and even curved furniture arrangements. Studies have shown that the arrangement of furniture in more curved configurations as opposed to straight lines can actually encourage a more collaborative mindset. Whether you regularly have a team of individuals working alongside you in your home office or you take part in remote projects where visual collaboration is an essential part of the process, the décor and layout of the room can help inspire you as you work.

Positive affirmations and vision boards

Businesses often hang up awards and company mission statements around the office not only in customer-facing areas but also in employee areas to motivate their workers and remind them of why they do the work that they do. Similarly, you can apply this same method to your own home office. However, it doesn’t have to be as clinical as a framed mission statement. You can choose an artistic desktop wallpaper filled with positive affirmations or design a vision board to help inspire you to achieve your goals.

The power of visualization shouldn’t be underestimated. A 2004 study conducted on weightlifters showed that simply imagining the act of lifting weights activated similar brain patterns present when they actually lifted hundreds of pounds, demonstrating the power and effectiveness of mental practice. Keep this in mind as you create your vision board and fill it with beautiful and inspirational photos, magazine clippings, quotes, postcards, stickers, and anything else that elicits positive emotions. This space should be a reflection of how you’d like to feel as well as the things you’d like to achieve.


In recent years, small potted succulents and cacti have become popular home and office accents. They are easy to care for and add a pop of fresh greenery to a space. However, their benefits extend beyond their decorative features. Research has shown that individuals working in “green” offices with indoor plants are not only happier but also more productive than individuals working in offices without any greenery. In fact, studies have shown that productivity can be boosted by 15 percent with the introduction of some office plants. If your home workspace feels lackluster, try adding an easy-to-maintain plant such as a peace lily or a succulent. You’ll enjoy improved air quality as well as a general boost in mood.

Avoid the dreaded work slump by creating a home workspace that inspires you to stay productive. Even small changes in lighting and furniture arrangement can make a big difference and improve how you feel mentally and emotionally, which can provide the motivation necessary to continue working throughout the day.

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