Smart Tips for Successful Pub Design- Part 2

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Below are ten tips to help you develop and implement your pub design seamlessly.


1.    Determine your target audience and find out what they want. Go all the way to do a survey. Once you know what they want, give them exactly that in your pub design.

2.    Go for a designer with experience in pub designing. A home designer may not have the necessary expertise for pub design.

3.    Have a “wow” factor about your pub design. It's an aspect of your bar that will keep people talking.

4.    Go for quality materials that are available locally. As long as they are quality, they will deliver their purpose and save you on costs

5.    Remember to leave enough leg room at the counter. Ideally, 20cm knee space should be sufficient.

6.    Plan for the pub design on time. Determine all design decisions on time. For instance, decide on the equipment you need, location of each item, number of the service station, menus, music and the nitty gritty such as garbage bin position.

7.    Incorporate candle light in your lighting plan. Candles create a unique ambiance. Ensure you take safety precautions with them. For instance, you can place them in lanterns or have a staff monitor them throughout.


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8.    Check for the seat and counter/table compatibility in regards to height before purchasing them.

9.    Ensure steps are no higher than 18cm and should be equal in height. It will eliminate the risk of tripping.

10.    Take a keen interest in toilet design, the proximity of the toilets and their cleanliness. Toilets are a sensitive part of your pub layout, especially for women. They may be a reason some one decides never to come back to your pub.

11.    Design for easy disposal of clutter. Every station should have a garbage bin at all times. Customers should not have to see clutter or bins.

12.    Design for both functionality and aesthetics. You need both to successfully, run a bar business.

13.    Ensure there is a drainage draining to drain pipes for every beer tap. The drainage should not, under any circumstances, damage to floors or buckets. Flowing to buckets or floors presents the risk of spillage and consequently the risk of slip and falls.

14.    Place the cash bar on opposite sides of the cash bar. It prevents crowding on one section of the bar.


These are just a few tips to simplify your pub design process. Consult extensively with your designer for more tips.


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