6 Smart Office Design Tricks from Experts


When you’re running your own business, there are many things that have to be taken care of. One of the key things you’re supposed to do is to design your office. That’s a task that can be more demanding than it initially seems. One of the best ways to get the job done right is to follow office design tricks from experts. These people have been designing offices for years and know exactly what to do. With that said, let’s take a look at six smart office design tricks from experts.

Make it more inviting

Experts say most modern offices look the same. While there’s nothing wrong with this, why not try to do something different? After all, that’s where you’ll talk with your clients and sign all those important deals. Luckily, there are many ways to make an office look more inviting. The first thing you want to do is personalize the entire place. This includes encouraging team members to put out some family photos and bring their own accessories. Another good idea is to introduce some handmade or antique items in your office. Opt for functional office design, and there’s no doubt the entire place will look more inviting.

Get a whiteboard

Another thing experts agree on is that every office could use a whiteboard. It’s a relatively simple tool that can take collaboration in the office to the next level. Moreover, it can make your presentations more professional and effective. When no meetings are planned, you can just use it for assigning office chores such as watering the plants or taking out the trash. Another great thing about having a whiteboard is that you and your team will use less paper. Whiteboards are perfect for taking notes or writing down phone numbers. Saving paper can do wonders both for your budget and the environment.

Buy LED lights

You and your team can’t rely on natural light in your office all day long. The type of artificial lighting you choose to bring into your office is extremely important. Standard incandescent lights may seem like a good option, but they only create noise and heat. LED lights, on the other hand, are the perfect option for the office. Not only that they don’t produce noise and heat, but they’re also less expensive. Just make sure you go for quality when buying lighting options for your office. There are plenty of ways to introduce artificial lighting into the office and this brand is a good example of how to do it.

Invest in quality furniture

Since your employees are spending a significant part of their day in the office, providing them with comfy furniture is a great idea. Getting ergonomic chairs for every team member is a perfect way to help everyone maintain healthy postures and stay healthy. Preventing back pain will also allow your employees to avoid stress and stay productive. Another thing to consider is getting height-adjustable desks for your employees. These things will allow them to work in a standing position and reduce the chance of back pain even more. Don’t forget about comfy sofas and chairs for your hall as you want to keep your clients comfortable when waiting.

Buy water coolers

Having water coolers in your office is the easiest way to provide staff and clients with access to clean drinking water. Staying hydrated at work is extremely important, and it’ll help your employees stay productive. Plus, fresh water is a much better choice than sugary drinks employees often bring to work. Water coolers are also environmentally friendly and can help you aid in preserving the planet. Just think of all the plastic bottles your employees won’t have to use. Depending on the size of your office, you might get with one water cooler but getting a few of them is something you just can’t go wrong with.

Design a break room

Studies have shown that taking regular breaks helps employees stay focused and make fewer mistakes. However, there’s no point in taking a break and spending it in front of the screen. That’s why experts agree that designing an office break room is a great idea. All you need is some free space and things like TV and a gaming console. As long as the place provides everyone with a chance to interact with one another, you’ll be good to go. Some companies even get ping pong tables to encourage group fun and socializing during breaks.


There are plenty of ways to get the most out of your office design. Follow these five tricks, and you’ll design just the perfect office for you and your team members.

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