Selecting the Right HDB Renovation Contractor


Singapore has many renovation companies which can make it difficult to figure out which company is the best for the job. If you are planning to start on your home renovation soon, it can be hard to figure out which company to work with. Here is some advice to help you select the right HDB renovation contractor for your project.

Look for Experience and Expertise

While you might think that the first step would be to simply find someone that does work on renovations, you should actually be filtering out the companies that you find by experience and expertise. Look for companies that have been in the business a long time as these companies are less likely to have issues related to licensing or certification. In addition, you will also want to select a company to work with that has done work previously on your specific type of renovation. A company that has at least 5 years of experience is a good company to work with.

Who Will Be Working on the Project?

While some companies may only consist of one person or a few people working on the majority of the job, other renovation companies may choose the project workers differently. Make sure that you understand who will be working on your job and note the conduct of these individuals before selecting a company to work with. A top renovation company will always make sure that their staff members behave in a friendly manner.

Pricing and Budget

When it comes to HDB renovations it can be hard to gauge whether or not the company will be able to stick with your budget. Therefore, you should make sure that when you get quotes that you understand the costs involved with the renovation project including materials and labour. A quote and contract from a home renovation contractor should also discuss variable costs due to changes or unavailability.

Don't Forget Reviews and References

Even if everything else looks great on paper, it is important for you to read reviews and references for the company that you are planning to do business with. These items can give you an honest look into how the company does business. In the event that you do not have ratings to go by, you can always ask the company for information regarding previously completed jobs.



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