6 Renovating Methods of Safeguarding Valuables In Your House


If you have valuable assets in your household, you’ll want to do your best to hide them out of sight. Without proper precaution, valuables can get stolen or your information can get compromised. Read on to learn how to protect your most valued possessions and keep them safe from theft.

1. Gun Box

Do you own a gun? If you do, then you need to take extra steps to hide your weapon away from others, especially small children and pets. Consider getting a gun box to store your gun and lock it away. Gun boxes often come with extra layers of security like passcodes so no one can make any attempt to get in. The security barrier is crucial for keeping thieves at bay, as they’ll have a tough time trying to access it.

2. Safes

Safes are a popular and very common way to keep your valuables safe. They can range in size and can store all kinds of things you want masked from plain view. You can use any kind of lock for some safes, but if you want extra security it’s recommended to buy one with a numerical code or password. It’s never a smart idea to use a portable safe because if someone were to burglarize your house, they could take off with the safe and everything in it. Shop for safes that are sturdy, heavy, and can be concealed in a safe place no one but you and anyone else you grant permission to can access.

3. Storage Chest

A storage chest can be a nifty place to store your commodities, thanks to its durability and variety of uses. If you have other stuff you want to save that isn’t valuable, you can put them in the chest. Anything like a blanket or old clothes will keep your valued possessions concealed from plain view when you open it. When shopping around for a storage chest, look for one that has plenty of space to store various things. Any chest that you can store in a confined space inaccessible to others is ideal. In comparison, storage trunks have locks, so they’re also worth looking into.

4. Strong Passwords

Your digital assets aren’t safe from theft just because they’re on your computer. A strong password with numbers and symbols will shield anything on a computer, tablet, or other devices. Any individual sensitive or confidential files can be protected, too. Create folders that you can guard with a password to keep these files away from hackers or thieves who may want to steal your computer and see what’s inside. For PINs and numerical passcodes, avoid easy-to-guess numbers such as 1234.

5. Trick Containers

Get creative and use your intellect and DIY capabilities to hide your money, jewellery, and other valuables from strangers and thieves. One idea can involve storing your goods in a random container in the kitchen, then putting other miscellaneous things in the same container. A trick container in an inconspicuous place can lead others to think it’s part of the furniture, but only you know what’s inside. If desired, the container can be placed in a safe or trunk to be extra safe.

6. Store Them in Plants

Plants aren’t just good for your well-being and home décor; they’re also ingenious places to bury hidden treasure. Burglars spend only a few minutes in someone’s house searching for visible proceeds before leaving. Plant soil is so thick that no thief will think to dig through it. It adds more time to their plundering schedule and can leave an obvious mess, making this idea a foolproof one. Throw potential thieves off by hiding your stuff within plant soil, but remember to clean them off when you retrieve them again.

Don’t wait to safeguard your valuables. A break-in could happen at any time, so it’s up to you to take the precautions necessary to make sure nothing valuable gets stolen.

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