Pond Maintenance: Algae Control

Pond algae is one of the largest problems when it comes to garden ponds. Pond algae can make the water in the pond look dirty and sometimes will also turn the water green. Pond algae growth begins as a scum on the surface of the pond water and gathers as a collection of floating plants on the surface of the stagnant water. Pond algae looks very slimy and can destroy the beauty of the pond. In addition, pond algae can harm or even kill aquatic wildlife in the pond. Here are a few causes of pond algae and what can be done to control it. 

What Cause Pond Algae? 

Excessive light, nutrient levels and using materials such as marble, limestone or concrete can result in a higher pH level for the pond. The higher pH levels are due to excessive levels of phosphate and nitrate in the pond. These conditions can lead to algae growth. 

Preventing Pond Algae 

There are several ways to prevent pond algae. The first is to make sure that there are appropriate filters for the pond. The filters help to keep the water in the pond flowing so that stagnant water does not build up resulting in algae. In addition, a properly maintained pond should always have a proper balance of healthy aquatic plants that are capable of taking in nutrients from the pond. These plants will ensure that nutrient levels do not get too high so that the algae won't have nutrients to feed on.

Watch Light Levels 

When it comes to getting algae under control, it is important to watch light levels for the pond. The location of the pond should be carefully selected so that it does not contribute to the growth of algae in the pond. Don't put a pond under a tree as falling leaves and sap from the tree could destroy the quality of the water in the pond. You also want to make sure to build the pond in an area where it does not receive direct sunlight. Adding floating plants or surface dwelling plants can help to decrease the amount of light that the surface of the water receives.

If you are battling pond algae in your garden pond or simply want to prevent this problem from happening, a landscaping expert can help get your pond in good order. Click here to request free quotes from landscaping services in your area.

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