How to transform the Most Private Room in the House - The Best Bathroom Decoration Tips


All it takes is some colorful floor, wall, and ceiling design ideas to transform the most private room in the house: the bathroom. Up until recently bathrooms were neglected. Nobody paid attention to bathroom decorations. The good news is that things have changed. Today, there are tens of interior design ideas to make master or guest bathrooms elegant.  

Why bathroom remodeling is important

Why bother? It has to do with your comfort. Wouldn't you prefer washing up in a beautiful environment, which appeals to your taste? Not to mention the guest bathroom! A light blue color on the wall, modern coffered ceilings, and some smart decoration tips will make a huge impression! 
And one more thing. Even if there are windows, bathroom humidity hits the roof (literally). The consequences? Mildew infestations, cracked ceilings, damaged walls! So when you plan to make any bathroom renovations, it's also best to invest in water resistant materials to keep the enemy (mold) away. 
So let's see what you can do with your bathroom. 

Invest in a new floor

Replacing the floor is a hassle. No doubt about that! And so you should do it only if it's damaged, infested with mildew, or the plumbing lines underneath it must be replaced. Your choices? Today, bathroom floors range from composite to natural wood, stone, and tiles. Our advice is to select a highly resistant to humidity floor for long lasting effects. 

What's the condition of your bathtub? 

Why change the bathtub? If it's old and damaged or occupies too much valuable space. In the case of the latter, invest in a shower cabinet. If you go to such a hassle, you might also want to consider rearranging bathroom furniture. It takes good planning and precise measurement but sometimes moving the toilet, sink, and bathtub can create more room. 

Add color

White will always be the number one wall and/or ceiling decoration choice. It's pure, simple, and elegant! But you can add some colorful elements to make it more cosy, unique, and personal. So if you are thinking of redecorating and renovating your child's bathroom, take into account his/her favorite colors. If this is a guest room, keep it simple, and classy with playful black & white variations between the floor, ceiling, and furniture. Model-Home Makeover offers bathroom renovations to spruce up your private space. 
Is this your summer house? Bring the blue color of the sea into your bathroom. If there is a wainscotting, you can leave it white and paint the wall above in a contrasting color. What you DON’T want to do is make the room sad and heavy. So avoid dark, brownish colors and add some shades of red, yellow, grey or off-white. 

Want some ceiling design ideas?

There are some astonishing modern ceiling styles to accent each and every bathroom. The ceiling doesn't have to be white. Painted bathroom ceilings can add some depth. But color always looks best in cathedral or tray ceilings. Such high ceiling bathrooms also leave room for extraordinary pendant lighting. How about a chandelier? It will be an absolute marvel! But a coffered ceiling design can also make a strong statement. And there is no need to have ordinary sunken panels. You can either choose the shallow or deep look depending on the building structure and personal aesthetics. One great advantage of coffered ceilings apart from their elegant looks and design variations is that they are resistant to bacteria and mold. Super!!! Right?

Time for new accessories

As we all know the devil hides in the smallest details. So get rid of the old door knobs, faucets, and towel rods. There are great designs out there to enhance aesthetics. Today, you can even find lock knobs and hardware to match the bathroom accessories. So whether bronze, gold, or silver, get the same style accessories. 

Make storage space

Since you are already making fundamental changes, how about creating some more storage space in the bathroom! Think of how much space you need for the medicine, towels, soaps etc. If you have limited space, get shelves or wall cabinets. 

There are many bathroom decoration ideas to accent, transform, and remodel this special room in your house. From choosing the right storage options to special ceiling design ideas, everything is a matter of personal needs and taste. And the good news is that there are tens of options! 

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