How to keep your patio cool and classy

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When summer arrives, people with outdoor living spaces such as patios and decks can’t wait for good weather in order to break out the patio furniture and enjoy outside. However, not all days can be as enjoyable – especially on those burning hot days of the year. Fortunately, there are many ways you can adjust your patio in order to keep it cool and classy at the same time all summer long, making it not only pleasing to the eye but also comfortable to spend those hot days in.


Fans are a typical but effective solution for cooling your patio space. They help circulate the air instead of keeping it stagnant, providing a light breeze that helps relieve the heat. Fans are easy to install, too – you only need a place to hang them. Even if you don’t, try using those good old-fashioned pedestal fans.

Patio mister

A patio mister is the first budget-friendly option for you that’ll keep you cool for the whole duration of summer. It doesn’t require any construction, it’s easy to install and it does an excellent job of keeping everybody cool with a steady, light mist of water that’s refreshing no matter how high the temperature gets. You can easily shut it off to conserve water and electricity when you don’t need it, too.

P.S. If your budget doesn’t allow a mister, there’s a cool little solution – all you need is an empty spray bottle. Fill it with water (clean it beforehand if there was some other liquid in it), and spray it on yourself whenever you need to feel refreshed.


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How about adding a splash of freshness and class to your patio by installing a bar? It doesn’t have to be all mega cool and expensive too. It means a lot in the summer heat when you can store some cool and refreshing drink inside, and break it out when you need it most. Even a small tiki bar can add a little excitement to your patio while also providing a convenient option for keeping your drinks nice and cold for when you decide to have an outdoor gathering.


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A pergola can bring you shade to from the sun and also boost your curb appeal in the yard – so that’s a double plus. A pergola is typically made from wood and creates a beautiful focal point in any outdoor space. The design of a pergola is perfect for hanging lighting for added ambiance, and you can even add some shade to your pergola for more functional protection from the sun. Imagine just lounging underneath a pergola on a fuzzy summer evening – what bliss!


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There is an abundance of retractable and motorized awnings you can install to add shade to your patio, and also make it look chic. The upside of an awning is that you can close them when you don’t need them anymore (or you want to catch some sun for that little bit of extra tan), but they can also protect you from rain and other types of weather. Invest in an awning especially if your patio is exposed to the sun the majority of the day. If it’s too windy, for example, motorized retractable awnings have sensors that tell them to retract to make sure your awning stays in working condition for years to come.


Another option worth considering is that of screening in your patio whole. That’s a great way to add shade and cool off your patio on the warmest days of the year while also having protection from the elements. By screening in your patio, you can enjoy spending time there, even on rainy days, not to mention you’ll also be able to keep mosquitoes and other unwanted pests away from you and your loved ones. In many ways, screening in your patio creates an outdoor living room that’s perfect for relaxing on your own or for entertaining guests.

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Make sure to use some of these tips in order to keep your patio cool. It may take a little bit of extra work upfront, but it’s an investment that’s well worth. You will have an incredible patio living experience throughout the hot summer months!


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