How to Create the Perfect Spa Bathroom


We all need a bit of pampering from time to time. Due to the daily stress, work and school obligations, tense relationships and fast living, we tend to neglect the importance of self-care. Spending a weekend at one of the many top-class spas in Sydney is a perfect way to shut down, unwind your mind and relax your body, forgetting about the world as it is and giving in to the precious state of calmness. However, not everyone can afford this, both money and time-wise. Instead, the most luxury we manage to squeeze out of our days and reward ourselves with is a 10-minute long shower. But if you had your very own spa within the realms of your bathroom, you would have no excuse but to regularly explore all the wonders it can do for your mood. We prepared a guide to help you create the perfect spa bathroom with very few costs and little effort.


First things first – if you want your bathroom to be your own little oasis, you need to get rid of the mess and store all the items you don't use on a daily basis underneath your sink or in a basket. Make sure that even the essentials are neatly and nicely arranged. A decluttered space will help maintain a relaxing atmosphere much needed for a spa experience.

2.Set the tone with calm colors

To create a soothing, cozy and welcoming environment, you'll want to stick to neutral colors such as white, beige or gray, or, if you're a sucker for colors, soft tones and pastels. Bold and bright accents will be distracting and take away from the relaxing effect of the spa-like atmosphere you strive to create. However, for a special and exotic-like effect, get colored light bulbs or cover a lamp with pashmina.

3. Invest in a fancy shower or tub

Depending on your budget and the size of your bathroom, you'll decide whether you want to go for a fancy Jacuzzi tub, a large soaking bathtub or an upgraded shower with a luxurious massage showerhead. Jacuzzis are the most expensive option, but the bubbling water, the scented steam and the color effects scream spa. This doesn't mean that you can't experience at-home spa and pampering just as well with a fancy massage or waterfall shower, or a hot bubble bath. However, note that in most cases, spa treatment requires long hours of soaking, essential oils, scrubs and different products, which may result in clogging and unusual odors. Make sure to contact experts for blocked drains in Sydney and prevent further issues of this type. Another suggestion is to separate the tub from the rest of the space if possible, by placing it in an arched space for a less "bathroom-ey" and more spa-like feeling.

4. Mix in nature

For a true oasis feel and look, you need to incorporate natural elements. Not only do they help create a healthy environment and add life to the room, but they also add a touch of sophistication. By incorporating houseplants or simply filling a vase with fresh flowers, you transform your bathroom into a more inviting, comfortable and tranquil setting. And if you want to play a little and get artsy, hang a potted plant from the ceiling.  

5. Set the mood with scents, music and lighting

And last, but not the least, there are some much-needed finishing touches for a true spa experience. Little things, such as dim lighting, scented candles and soothing background music do not take much time, money or effort but are very effective in enhancing the ambiance and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Relaxing in a tub surrounded by aromatic, relaxing scents of your choice while listening to a mediation-type playlist is the perfect way to instill a little calm in your bathroom and your life.

Transforming your bathroom into a home spa is an ideal alternative to expensive spa resorts and massage treatments. Additionally, it will serve as a stress-reliever and a cozy little shelter. Personal pampering has both physical and mental benefits and is the most crucial part of a low-stress lifestyle. Before you shower yourself with a myriad of excuses for why not to, take note of the tips we shared above, invest in your bathroom and settle down for some much-needed self-care.

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