Home Move: Mistakes to Avoid

Moving house can seem like a challenging and sometimes daunting task, especially if you’re moving into a larger house and have a family. And the dog won’t be overly fond of the whole project either. Deciding on the best moving date, prepping everything beforehand, notifying the right people, making a layout for your new interiors, and all the while remembering to pack everything safely can seem more like a bad sequel to Mission Impossible.

However, you can absolutely organise a successful, stress-free move if you only employ prudent planning, organisation, and decisive thinking. Here are the top five mistakes you want to avoid when planning a home relocation.

Doing everything in a rush

One of the biggest mistakes by far is not having a strict plan of attack and a realistic timetable detailing everything from your moving date to the individual packing and tidying up of every room in the house. You can start by taking a trip to your new home and brainstorming the future layout in detail – this will make the packing process infinitely easier.

Next, consider decluttering your current home in order to avoid bringing the things you no longer need with you to your new place of residence. You can also schedule the decluttering room by room, and while you’re at it, start packing the non-essentials well in advance. Also, consider the perfect time that fits your schedule and create a fixed date for the move.

You don’t need heavy-duty boxes, right?

Another mistake people commonly make is thinking they don’t need any special boxes or equipment to hold their things, only realising their mistake on the day of the move when it’s too late to properly protect the most fragile pieces. If you also think that heavy or bulky amenities don’t need to be stored in protective casings, you would be wrong.

This is why it’s extremely important to obtain the necessary protective gear for your things well in advance, in order to make the movers’ job easy and straightforward. Look for boxes with higher damage thresholds for you most fragile elements, and let the movers pack and load the heavier items. This will not only ensure your safety but the safety of your amenities as well.

Thinking you can to it all yourself

Booking the right mover for your needs in time is of the utmost importance if you are to conduct a seamless, stress-free move. Yet people often make the mistake of looking for movers just a few days before the moving date, which can prove to be a costly, and often unsuccessful venture.

This is why you want to research professionals who can take care of all your moving needs, such as these Inner West removalists that use the best packing and loading methods along with swift and safe transportation to your new home. Make sure that the movers will be able to unload and even help you position your amenities and furniture in the new layout.

Not knowing the new layout

Speaking of the new layout, don’t make the mistake of transporting everything to the new location only to tell the movers to unload your stuff in the centre of the living room. This will cost you precious time you could have saved if you only had a plan in place, and told the movers where to put your things around the house. So take a weekend to spend some time in your future home, and think about where the furniture would fit best.

Not dismantling heavy items beforehand

Finally, you don’t want to meet the moving date with your king-sized bed still sitting in your bedroom – you want to dismantle the bulky items beforehand so that the moving process can run smoothly and efficiently. If your movers are highly experienced, they can tend to the dismantling process themselves, saving you time and avoiding damage and mishaps.

Moving house can often seem like a daunting task you would want to postpone as much as possible, when in reality, you only need to stick to prudent planning and strict organisation to make it easy and stress-free. With these mistakes and their solutions in mind, you will have a fun and rewarding time preparing for your move.


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