Stunning Celebrity Condos to Inspire Your Home Improvement Project

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Celebrities are renowned for being more than happy to present their luxury homes in all their glory in glossy magazines. These high-end houses or apartments are often the envy of 99% of the world, and are usually well over the budget normal people can afford. Although, that doesn’t mean that we cannot take inspiration from these luxury abodes.

However, renovating or redesigning a condo is a little difficult compared to the vast space that a house affords people. And it also plays a huge role in the whole decision-making process.

While celebrities may be known for their extravagant mansions, there are some who live modestly in condominiums with contemporary and pleasant, down-to-earth interior design. So with that in mind, we thought we’d bring you some celebrities that have slightly different homes.



Mila Kunis

While she might be living with Ashton Kutcher now, Mila Kunis once live in a condo in West Hollywood. She stays in a separate unit, but it is located in the same building as her parents. Recently, she went viral because of her Mother’s Day gift.  Mila Kunis renovated her parents’ condo as a thank you to her mother.

The theme of the renovation was ‘brightness and openness,’ where she sat down with an interior designer to buy entirely new furniture and take down a wall to open up the kitchen. In fact, Kunis and her ‘That 70 Show’ co-star and now-husband Ashton Kutcher were very hands-on during the renovation from picking the furniture to putting in it in the condo. She even took down the wall in the kitchen with a mallet, which she believes isolates her mother from family conversations. After six weeks, Kunis parents were able to see their new condo that shows a brighter, spacious, and more conducive living environment for their family.


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Anthony Bourdain

A popular chef with countless notable travel documentaries, Anthony Bourdain purchased his condo in 2014. Situated in East 94th Street in NYC, this two-unit combo condo comes with an unconventional laid out floor plan. Aesthetic-wise, it’s very simplistic, which is rare for celebrity homes. It's exactly the type of home that you want to go to after work and just relax. Boudain has used an earthy color tone, utilizing whites, browns, and a little red to paint the walls. The flooring also uses a classic wood finish that matches the wooden front door. There are plenty of windows that allow natural lighting to enter the unit. Overall, it seems Anthony Bourdain loves the minimalistic look as he kept the furniture to a minimal with plenty of space to walk around.


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Jimi Hendrix

Known as one of the greatest guitarists of all-time, ‘60s rock god Jimi Hendrix still has a stunning flat in London that is far from your average apartment. The music icon may have had a short life, but his success has inspired many leading musicians today. In fact, his influence has transcended music, movies, and even video games, as his popularity doesn’t look like a warning. Just recently the famous rock guitarist was brought to life through a self-titled online Jimi Hendrix slot which has proved to be one of the most played on the UK-based gaming platform Slingo, proving that the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer still has a huge fanbase. So it’s not surprising that people want to see where Hendrix lived and to a certain extent model their condos after his.

After over 45 years, Jimi Hendrix's flat has been renovated and turned into a museum showcasing his works. It displays everything as it was left after his untimely passing, from his living room where he once welcomed his celebrity guests to the smallest details like the scallop shell ashtray on the bedside table. Located at 23 Brook Street, Hendrix took a keen interest in the interiors, where he bought his own fabrics and displayed his album covers on the wall. His interior “would have been regarded as way out in the country in the 60s,” as explained by his former girlfriend Kathy Etchingham, but it was ideal and suited them.


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