Calculating How Much Paint Is Required

If you are undertaking a paint job in your home, you will want to figure out how to get the job done right for less money. Calculating the right amount of paint required in order to finish the job, is a good way to keep your costs on budget. Here are a few tips to calculate the right amount of paint.

Measure Your Area

The first step to calculating exactly how much paint you will need is to measure properly. Using a tape measure, measure the width and the height of the walls. In order to figure out the surface area, multiple these figures together so that you have an idea of the total area to be painted. Using the same method, continue to measure the space that is occupied by windows and doors. Subtract the space occupied by the windows and doors from the overall surface area. Take the total surface area and multiply this figure by the number of coats that are required. As a general rule, you should make sure to account for at least two coats of paint as well as a little extra as needed for doing touchups.

Take a look at the m2/l number on the paint and divide the total surface area by this number. If the number is not readily available on the paint can, you can look online on the paint manufacturer's website. The final result of this calculation will be the total number of litres of paint that are required.

Consider the Type of Paint

The type of paint that you use for the paint job will play a big role in how much paint will be required. By using a higher quality paint, you can expect that you will use less paint. You will also see that your walls have better coverage with a higher quality paint.

By planning your paint job carefully, you can be assured that you won't end up with too much or too little paint for the job. If you are not sure what kind of paint you should buy, a professional painter at a home design centre can help you pick the best options for your home.

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