A Guide to Revamping Your Menu for Better Profits In 2016


Are you profits dwindling? Well, you probably need to revamp your menu as part of a restaurant renovation.

Other than service, food is the main reason customers walk into your restaurant. And, if you have gotten the service right, most likely your menu needs a revamp.

In the restaurant industry, food and menu are one of the most versatile items. Every so often, a chef comes up with a new recipe or better way to make a special meal.

Restaurants have evolved from merely catering to hunger. Most customers are looking to indulge their taste buds either alone or in the company. Guess what? If you do not pamper them with a good menu, they will find somewhere else to go. Hence, you need to keep revising and improving your list.

Below are some helpful tips that will help you revamp your menu in 2016

1.    Go by the numbers

Your business has not gotten this far without proper bookkeeping. Now is the time to utilize those records- both sales and feedback records. Carefully evaluate your past year’s records to determine which items in the menu your customers most preferred. You will need to stick with those in the menu. On the other hand, eliminate low selling items on the list that are not profitable.

2.    Check for profitability

Other than the best-selling, there are items on the menu that are more profitable. You may need to promote these more but keep them in your menu.

3.    Keep up with the trends

What is trending in the market? You can find out through industry forums, industry exhibitions, and industry magazines. What are the fads in the market that can promote the sale of an individual item on your menu?

For instance, the healthy diet fad has significantly promoted the sale of green smoothies. Add new items on the menu in response to the market trends.

4.    Menu design

You can redesign your menu to promote more profitable items.  Also, ensure that the menu has sections for easier scanning.

An improved menu design can give your customers the impression that all your meals of high-quality. Also, an up-to-date menu design communicates to your clients that you are committed to better service.

While you could still get professional help to revamp your menu, with this simple tips you can come up with a new menu that will bring new people to your restaurant, garner for you loyalty from older customers and get those profits burgeoning.

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