7 Best Creative Home Decor Ideas

Our homes are our safe zone. It's where we feel most comfortable and relaxed. It's no wonder why so many people spend so much time and effort in transforming their homes into something they've always dreamed of. But decorating, although offers a great outcome, can be quite a stressful process. Not only are you dealing with rearranging home furnishings and items, but you'll also have to think of creative ways to make your personal space aesthetically pleasing and most of all, comfortable. In order to alleviate some of the stresses that come with home decorating, here are a few helpful tips in transforming any home into a great space to live in.

  1. Small Space, Bold Colors

Whether it's a small vanity or a powder room, we always have that space in our home not quite big enough to be memorable but essential nonetheless. Most people tend to choose basic colors for such a small space, but going the opposite can achieve an even better outcome. Go crazy with these spaces; choose bold colors or big patterns in decorating these spaces. It will surely make a great impression on any guests and it's a great excuse to show off your wild and wacky side.

  1. Playing with Patterns

They say that one should not throw caution to the wind when it comes to patterns, they could make or break a design element, or a room in interior decorating. But that's the old mindset. We are in a time where curiosity and exploration are encouraged. Start with simple patterns, straight lines or subtle shapes before truly going all out with bold ones. A bit of practice will train your eye to what goes together and what clashes.

  1. Colorful Hallways

Many people think of hallways as neutral spaces in between rooms, therefore, the decor is also neutral with paintings and photographs adorning the walls. Choosing a wider variety of color to paint hallways will only liven up the home and even enhance the items hanging off of them.

  1. Show off Collectibles

If you've ever been inside a big mansion, or inside an ancestral home open to the public, you'll see that all their collectables are displayed openly in tables. Most of us prefer to hide our collectables behind locked shelves to prevent damage but that is a wasted potential. If you're proud of your collection, why not display them out in the open for everyone to see?

  1. Mixing and Matching

The overriding belief then is to group similar time periods together to make homes more organized. But the new movement is to put mix them together in one space. An antique table with an Ikea chair? Why not.Hand-carved wooden coffee table on a bold patterned carpet? It sounds perfect.

  1. Floor to Ceiling Shelves

As a book-lover, I have always imagined my future home to have a room dedicated to my literary hobby. A big fluffy couch would sit in the middle, huge windows to let natural light in, and the majority of the wall space with floor to ceiling shelves. It adds depth to the room while also creating display spaces for other knickknacks that you own.

  1. An Organic Flare

Embrace rustic elements into your home. Use traditional elements and material common in your area to create authentic spaces in your homes. Red limestone is a great material to give a bathroom or outdoor kitchen an organic touch. Pair it with vintage fixtures like brass and chrome as accent pieces.

Author Bio: Kerry Brooks, a passionate blogger who loves to write about home designs, home renovation ideas, and home improvement. She is currently working for EasyFrame, one of the UK's leading picture framer online, which offers high-quality custom picture frames and mounts. 

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