6 Ways to Achieve a Transitional Home Style


Do you want to make 2018 the year of home improvement with a little home remodel, but have trouble deciding on the style? Do you love both the smooth lines of contemporary interiors and the warmth of the traditional design? Don’t worry — a transitional style is made just for you! This new style successfully blends two completely different styles — modern and traditional, into one coherent whole. Many homeowners love this style because it offers them flexibility and a lot of different ways to decorate their home. Here’s a guide to a transitional style.  

Start with neutral colors

Just a little warning at the beginning: if you love bold colors and flashy furniture, the transitional style will not be your cup of tea. It’s all about subdued neutral colors like gray, beige, taupe, white and other similar shades. However, you can add accents to break the monotony, but make sure to use smaller elements to introduce colors into your space. The contemporary neutral palette is the key to pulling off the transitional style.

It’s a ‘go’ on the textures

Neutral colors can quickly make the space feel boring, so don’t hesitate to go big with different textures to add interest to the space. Materials like wood, brushed steel, glass and various fabrics all have accented textures that nicely complement each other and have elements of both the traditional and the modern design. Try to find the balance between sleek surfaces and textured elements for the best effect.

Furniture takes the central stage

In order to make your furniture stand out, opt for large, comfortable pieces. Try to mix straight and curved lines as much as possible, even within one furniture piece. However, know that that’s not always possible. In that case, opt for a sofa with smooth and straight lines, and pair it with a curved and soft armchair or love seat. Your coffee table should also contrast your other furniture. For instance, if your seating has sharp edges, opt for a round coffee table and vice versa.

Add focal points

Even though the transitional style is minimalist, that doesn’t mean it has to be completely neutral. As a matter of fact, a good focal point will do a lot for your transitional space, so don’t be scared to introduce a statement piece into your home. Even though it might sound contradictory, the best way to make the space look modern is to add something antique to it. It will make a bold statement and look beautiful surrounded by contemporary colors and shapes. A contemporary rug with bold geometric patterns and modern prints will go perfectly with any traditional bedroom. Gorgeous vintage freestanding bath will lift up your elegant bathroom style. Also, if you want to introduce a good focal point to your backyard, your best bet is smooth and minimalist outdoor dining furniture that will go perfectly with other contemporary elements. However, be moderate, and make sure to opt for only one or two accent element, otherwise, the space might look cluttered.

Less is more

Minimalism is greatly present in every transitional style home, so don’t clutter your space with too many accessories and decorative elements. Instead, try to direct people’s attention to your furniture that is the real star of the transitional style.

Make the space unique with art

If you want to make your transitional space different from any other, you can use accent elements, but art works wonders as well. For a greater impact, make sure to go big and bold and opt for original works rather than copies. Art should have a contemporary ring to it, especially when put into traditional surroundings, so search for abstract paintings and graphic prints. However, a classic Baroque reproduction surrounded with modern art will look amazing and make your art collection unique and diverse.

If you can imagine yourself living in such a unique and flexible space, then definitely consider transitional style during your next home remodel. With some careful planning, this style will come together perfectly and make your home look better than ever before. Give it a shot!


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