5 New Ways To Decorate Your Home For Holidays!


December has arrived and so has the most wonderful time of the year – time of holidays! This is almost everybody’s favorite period due to everything that comes with it: traditions, family time, festive atmosphere, good parties, etc. However, would you be able to feel the holiday spirit without all that sparkle and glitz? Well, we guess not. Therefore, unleash your creativity and decorate your home for upcoming holidays.

1. Pick the theme

Fashion dictates Christmas decoration as much as anything else. Therefore, this year’s trendy themes imply poor palette of colors, yet chic styles. Many interior designers suggest opting for the natural and organic theme that includes earthy colors and materials. In order to achieve it, use natural pine or fir tree garlands, pinecones and walnuts, wooden ornaments, and burlap and dry branches. Include a little bit of gleam with metallic shades and silky ribbons. Not only is this modern and unique way to decorate, but also affordable as you can find necessary material in your backyard or DIY decorations together with your kids. If you are for a more sophisticated theme, think of all white decorations. Beautiful white baubles and ornaments of various shapes and textures are nothing but classy and elegant. On the other hand, if you still want to stick to the classic holiday colors – red and green, consider plaid pattern to make a difference. After all, whichever style you prefer, make sure it matches your home décor.

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2. “A clean house makes a happy home”

No matter how much money or effort you put into your holiday decoration, it would be useless unless you clean your house first. Nothing can help you disguise the filth. Rather get to work and start vacuuming and dusting the surfaces. Plus, bear in mind that the outdoor counts as well, especially if you live in parts of the world where there is no snow to cover up the fence, pavement or driveway. In these cases, you may need additional help by pressure cleaning, Sydney, for example, has a lot of great companies that you can hire to do that for you in only one day. It is used for mold and algae removal, so it would provide your house with a completely fresh glow.

3. Non-traditional Christmas tree

Besides traditional Christmas tree, it would be nice to have some kind of its alternative somewhere else in the house. For example, kids may want their own Christmas tree in their room and this is something you can get really creative with. Everything that resembles the shape of a tree or has string lights and baubles may meet the requirements. For instance, decorated wintry branches put in a vase would be a good idea or old ladder wrapped with string lights. Alternative Christmas tree formed from books was even used as a part of this year’s decoration in the White House library.

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4. Holiday is everywhere

Christmas decoration doesn’t include only Christmas tree. Instead, bring a little of holiday spirit into every corner of your home. Decorate windows, mantel, doorways, banister, coffee tables, etc. Apart from string lights, display lanterns, and candleholders to evoke warm and cozy atmosphere. Depending on the style, every here and there, place crystal or glass cylinders, vases, or even bowls filled with shiny ornaments, pinecones, pine branches or berries. Furthermore, put out festive couch and floor pillows according to your décor.

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5. Don’t forget the outside

Christmas decoration shouldn’t be limited to the inside of the house. Especially if you live in areas with mild winters where you can spend merry days on your patio. Therefore, don’t just hang out a wreath on the door, but include the entire entry. Wrap the columns with string lights and garlands, for example, and put the container with Poinsettia on each side of the door. What is more, you can even decorate the mailbox with a little bit of greenery and ribbon.

However, don’t firmly stick to the ‘rules’. Christmas decorating is supposed to be amusing and part of family tradition. Therefore, get creative and crafty, and fill your home with joy. Happy Holidays!

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