5 Must Have Elements of A Luxurious Home Spa


Every time I'm lucky enough to spend a few hours at a spa, I end up wishing I could hang out there every day. I really want one of these in my own home! Sure, a steam shower is great. But, that's only one part of it. Imagine having a spa experience anytime you feel like it. We deserve it. We work hard, and we need a place to go to any time we need a little tender, loving care, right? So, I wondered how hard (and expensive!) it would be to transform my existing bathroom into my own personal spa. Here's what I discovered. For as much or as little as you can afford, you can have your spa and enjoy it anytime you want, too.

Keep costs in check by choosing standard finishes and doing as much of the work as possible yourself. Not sure how to create that spa feel at home? That's why I've listed five of the most essential elements of a luxurious spa experience. Try to incorporate as many as you can for the ultimate in home spa comfort.


Keep it neutral.


Your mind and body crave a connection to the outdoors. Satisfy that craving by painting the walls in a neutral color. Neutrals, like soft brown, grey, ivory, and white are anything but boring. In fact, they have a calming effect on our senses.


Bring the outdoors in.


Have you ever noticed how a walk in a natural setting, like a forest or along the shoreline, has such power to relieve tension. There's a lot of research that explains that positive reaction and why the natural environment can have such a profound effect on us. Remember to place a few potted plants in your bathroom. You'll be surprised at how happy you'll feel after a little while in nature's company.


Floors made for comfort.


Remember when carpeting the bathroom floor was trendy? Yeah, I don't want to remember it either. A warm and comfortable floor is key to a home spa. Who wants to step out of a warm bath onto a cold floor? Choose engineered wood for its natural beauty, soft feel, and warm touch. Especially in colder climates, wood floors hold heat, so they're comfortable to walk on. Don't worry about the water that will splash onto that wood floor. There are many types of wood and cork flooring that are constructed to be waterproof.


Your artful ceiling.


Pity the poor ceiling. Who ever gives it a second thought. In most cases, homeowners are happy to paint it white and leave it at that. But, if you're going to be turning your home bathroom into a spa, you'll want a ceiling that's beautiful and interesting to your eyes. Wood paneling, like the floor, is entirely suitable as ceiling material. So is a classic Baroque look as in the photo above. Decide what you find restful and go with it.


An anytime massage.


Does your home spa really need a massage table? Of course it does. Enlist your significant other to treat you to a relaxing massage whenever you need it. There are also professional masseuses who will come to your home, too.

You just need a few more accessories to complete the look. Stock up on scented candles, natural soaps, and fluffy towels. Now that you've created your own home spa experience, you're ready to take on the world!


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