5 Essential Tips for Starting a Moving Business


One of the best things about moving industry is that there’s always work. People are moving houses and small businesses are moving into larger offices. And, while running a moving business may seem overwhelming, it’s actually quite easy work. Just have in mind that this doesn’t mean that every new moving business out there succeeds. If you want to ensure your new moving business does well, it’s very important that you get everything right from day one. With that said, here are five essential tips for starting a moving business.

Start with a plan

No matter what type of business you’re starting, having a plan is always a good idea. This goes for moving businesses as well, and if you want to ensure your business can succeed, writing a business plan is must. The purpose of having a business plan is to help you forecast business development and manage your company’s money. Also, in today’s age of small businesses, it’s also recommended that you think about ways to set your business apart from competition. Ideally, you’ll be able to include something completely new into your service.

Get permits and licenses

This is another rule that applies to every industry, including moving industry. If you want to be able to operate as a moving company, there are certain permits and licenses you need to obtain before you open for business. Since these depend a lot on where your business is based, it’s best that you contact local authorities and ask them about how to obtain necessary permits and licenses. Obviously, when hiring, one of the first things you need to do is check if every employee has a commercial driver’s license. If not, make sure they obtain it before they start working for you.

Buy the right equipment

Obviously, operating in the moving industry requires you to invest in equipment for your company. Most importantly, you need at least one good truck for you and your employees to use. When starting out, check trucks for sale and find one that feels right for your business. As you expand, you can keep adding more of these into your fleet. Besides a truck, you need equipment such as gloves, boxes and shrink wrap ramps. Make sure you get all of these as you’ll usually be able to sell them to your customers as package kits.

Promote it

If you want your business to succeed, promoting is an absolute must. One of the best things about working in the moving industry is that you can turn your van into a mobile billboard. Just apply stickers to your van and you’ll be guaranteed to have people notice you. And the next time you end up getting stuck in traffic, you’ll at least be marketing your business. Another amazing way to get your business noticed is to use social media. People now turn to social media search bars just as much as they do on Google and creating pages for your business can be a huge plus for your company.

Choose what to focus on

With so many moving companies out there, succeeding in the moving industry isn’t going to be easy. This is especially the case if you offer the same service everyone else does. This is exactly why most business owners have decided to come up with a niche for their business to operate within. So, when starting out, think about whether you want to sell moving goods, move expensive equipment or do long distance moves. Some moving companies even focus on moving construction or agricultural equipment. No matter what you decide to do, establish yourself as the no. one local provider and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

There’s no doubt entering the moving industry isn’t going to be easy. In fact, it’ll take a lot of time and effort just to make sure your company succeeds. However, it’s also a very lucrative business idea and you can always expect to have a lot of clients. And what’s even better, as the number of homeowners and small businesses keeps increasing, it only means more moving companies will be needed. Start one now and you can rest assured knowing you’re on the right track.


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