3 Primary Tips for Designing the Perfect Man Cave in Your Home


You may be at a juncture at which you want to design the perfect man cave for your home. Indeed, having a space in your residence that truly is completely your own may be something that you've dreamed about for quite some time. Having reached this point in your life, there are some tips and tactics that you need to seriously bear in mind to design and create the perfect man cave in your home.

Select a Theme that Fits Your Interests and Personality

The first step you need to take when designing the perfect man cave is to pick a theme that suits your own interest and personality. Oftentimes a guy wanting his own man cave lifts the design and theme off of what one of his friends or family members previously developed.

You might have been considering taking such a course because you do like someone else's man cave. In the end, merely duplicating what someone else did before you may result in a decent looking man cave. However, in the end, it will not be your man cave. It will not have your personal imprint.

In selecting your own theme for a man cave, focus first and foremost on how you will use the space once completed. Will the man cave be used to enjoy sporting events? Will you use it primarily to entertain friends, perhaps through something like a weekly poker game? Will your man cave be a true retreat for you to undertake a hobby, read, or watch movies? Once you isolate the primary way in which you will enjoy your man cave you can begin to build a theme for the space.

Select Specific Features

Once you narrow down how your man cave will be used and develop a theme, you next must list the specific features that your space will include upon completion. Examples of specific features that are incorporated into many man caves include:

  • wet bar

  • relaxation space (for reading, yoga, meditation)

  • home theater

  • game area (pool table, pinball machine)

  • sitting area

  • wine cellar

  • music area

  • bathroom

Get Professional Help as Needed

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes a man makes when creating his cave is the decision to do everything himself. There is a pervasive perception among men that doing it yourself goes hand-in-hand with crafting a man cave. In reality, DIY and creating a man cave do not and should not go hand-in-hand.

When it comes to creating the concept for a man cave, that certainly is something that you can do on your own. Nonetheless, even at the conceptual stage, you should seriously consider seeking out advice from others, particularly friends, family, and colleagues who've preceded you in the journey of creating a man cave in their own homes.

There may be elements of crafting or building a man cave that fit within your skill set. However, there are other tasks that may beyond your reach.

What happens in the case of the prevalent perceived connection between making a man cave and doing it yourself is one of two things. First, if there is something beyond guy's skillset that nevertheless would add to the man cave, it may not be done. For example, rather than have a wet bar the personal inability to address plumbing issues results in a man cave not having this meaningful addition. Second, an alternative course might be taken in which a person not skilled in plumbing muddles through nonetheless. That course results in a shoddy job that may not long function if it ends up operating at all.

In the final analysis, when it comes to designing, building, and outfitting a man cave, never wed yourself to the idea that this must all be done on your own. Seek professional assistance to ensure that your concept of the perfect man cave is brought to fruition.

In addition to these primary tips, you cannot overlook safety in the design of your man cave. In many homes, a man cave ends up in the basement. If that is the case, and if you will be entertaining others in your man cave, you need to make sure that you have a way of existing outside in an emergency. This likely means that you may need to refashion an existing window in a way that permits quick egress in the event of some type of emergency occur while the space is in use.


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