3 Ideas For Unique And Original Interior Features

All homeowners want to make their homes look and feel special. During 2017, residential properties in Singapore rose 1.1%, according to Trading Economics. But, prices have fallen before. To ensure the country’s homes continue to rise in price you should consider unique and original features which will boost its value and provide a luxurious place to live to in. So, whether you want to create a calming minimalist retreat or a lively family home, here are some of the amazing features you should consider getting an approved contractor to install.

Glass features

A glass floor or wall in any part of the home looks stunning. Glass allows light to bounce off it, therefore, opening up the space and giving your home the appearance that it’s much bigger than it actually is. The options with a glass floor or wall are endless. You could opt to do the entire room or level of your house in glass, or, you could just create a beautiful feature out it. Glass comes in every color imaginable, so you can really make your home stand out with some bold hues. One of the great benefits of having a glass roof on the upper level of your home is that it allows parents to keep an eye on young children at all times.

Indoor fountains

Sometimes smaller and more minimalist features make the greatest impact to your home. An indoor water fountain for the home is the perfect way to create a peaceful and tranquil ambiance. Locating your fountain in a room where you like to kick back and relax is one of the best ways to make the most of this feature and they come in a great range of styles and designs, too.

Bespoke staircase

Gone are the days of the traditional staircase. In their place are an array of unique and original staircases which will create an amazing focal point in almost any home. For families with kids, consider a staircase slide which will encourage anybody to get out of bed in the morning. With so many homes finding storage a problem, a great solution is to build a staircase that doubles up as a space-saving storage unit, complete with drawers. Stairs are a tricky renovation to get right and it’s advisable you seek a professional and qualified contractor to complete the work to ensure your new staircase is safe and fitted correctly.


There are many unique and original interior features you can add to your home to make it distinctive and enticing. You don’t always have to opt for big changes, either, as small changes can have a great impact, too.

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