3 Exterior Upgrades to Make your Southwest Home Stand Out

The Southwest can be hot, arid, and barren, but homes in this region or style don't have to be! There is actually a lot of natural beauty in the American Southwest, and your home can be enhanced by embracing the unique style of the landscape it's situated in. These 3 upgrades will help any Southwest home feel luxurious even in the midday sun.

Water-Conscious Landscaping

A lot of natural colors found in the Southwest tend to be shades of browns and oranges. When planning your gardening or landscaping project you should find a balance between embracing the natural color palate and adding your own pops of color. Be sure to use bushes, shrubs, and trees that are already adapted to that climate and can thrive in high-heat, low-water situations. Water conservation in this area is always a challenge but is extremely important. You don't want to turn your entire garden into a drain on resources and finances as you struggle to keep it watered.

Having said that, a few water-needy plants are OK, as long as you keep the number small and group them together. This will make watering easier, and allow the plants to absorb the run off from their neighbors, further increasing your water efficiency. You should also place these plants in as much shade as possible to decrease water evaporation rates. It's also good to be mindful of the natural runoff of the rain you do get. Placing water-needy plants where water is draining to instead of away from them will make the best use of the rain and any water being used.

Create Your Own Water Spots

While water conservation is important, having a small pool, pond, or fountain can add an unmatched feeling of cool relaxation to your home. If your water fixture is placed in the shade and properly maintained there should be comparatively little water loss involved. Choose which type of fixture works best for you depending on the size of the space you have to work with. Fountains or waterfalls built into a wall are great for small spaces while pools and ponds are a great way to cool off larger spaces.

If you are looking at installing a large body of water such as a pool, try to place it where it gets more evening sun.The sun's rays are strongest in the morning and mid-day, so a west-facing placement will help decrease the rate of evaporation and your chances of getting sunburned while you enjoy your pool. This can be a more expensive upgrade, but keep in mind that there are pool financing options, and a wide variety of pool sizes and styles that can fit your budget and your space.

Doors, Decor & More - Don't Forget the Details!

An easy way to upgrade your home, polish off landscaping projects, and elevate the overall feel of your space is by paying attention to the details. Doors, door frames, and archways can come in a wide variety of materials and styles. Changing out a plain wooden door for one with ornate iron work can instantly make your home feel more sophisticated.

For patio spaces, don't forget small details like Navajo-inspired rugs and paintings that complement the colors in your garden. The proper placement of decor and attention to detail can bring out the focus pieces in your landscaped area and help the flow from the outside to the inside feel natural and tasteful.

Final Thoughts

The American Southwest has its own stunning yet often under-appreciated beauty. You can easily upgrade the exterior look of your home by leaning into and playing off of this natural beauty through your landscape choices. Don't be afraid to still make the space your own though with pops of color, unique water fixtures, and details that tie it all together with your own unique stamp of style.

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