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Door and Door Frame Replacement

Post by Kevin Kong on Thursday 18 Jul 2019 10:08 AM

Toilet door and door frame have soaked water and expanded until the door cannot close properly into the frame. Require repairs (or replacement, if necessary).

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move gas pipe

Post by Florbela L on Monday 15 Jul 2019 13:33 PM

My main goal is to install a dishwasher. However, the specific question I have here is that in the location where I can put the dishwasher, there is a gas pipe sticking out about 15cm from the wall, which would make the dishwasher stick out 15cm as well. Is it possible to make the gas pipe stick out less (for example only 5cm instead of 15cm)? Or move the pipe? I can provide photos as necessary. Is "plumbing" the correct category to ask this question, or something else?

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Home fix

Post by Anonymous on Monday 08 Apr 2019 05:01 AM

Would like a contractor to fix home defects like doors shower rails water leaks and curtains rail fix

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New Office renovtion

Post by bassam chehaiber on Thursday 04 Apr 2019 02:48 AM

Hi im moving a to a new office and im looking for a designer that can do simple design for so i can give the design to land lord. i know exactly the concept and design i want to do. also im looking for different contractor to do different job how would you advise to do post the job

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Bricks on wall

Post by Sudhir Nair on Sunday 31 Mar 2019 07:38 AM

I would like to inquire about having bricks on wall design. Currently, it's painted but how much would it cost to have the brick effect on the wall or I am also eager to find out about ship lap on the wall.

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Fire Hose Reel and Manual Call Point / Alarm Bell

Post by Anonymous on Thursday 21 Mar 2019 11:27 AM

My contractor installed fire hose reel recently. Upon checking by building management, we realized that there are no manual call point and alarm bell installed. I am inexperienced. When I asked the contractor, he said I didn't mention I wanted manual call point and now sends me another quote. I would like to know if he is right? Is a reliable contractor will quote for the whole set, as no point installing fire hose reel without the manual call points and alarm bell. Can I hold him accountable?

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Manual Call Point and Alarm Bells

Post by Anonymous on Monday 18 Mar 2019 06:19 AM

May I know if it is compulsory to install manual call points and alarm bells? We currently have one in the office but it is not near the entrance. Are there any distance restriction to have one? Our office is 11,000 square feet.

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advice for basic gym renovation

Post by KW Nah on Tuesday 26 Feb 2019 15:22 PM

Hi Sir/ Mdm This is Mr Nah here. Currently, I am bidding for a place to open my gym. Currently, I am doing my renovation quotation and came across your company profile along the way. I wonder if you are keen in this ? Do let me know if you are interested.

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Wooden wall partition

Post by Anonymous on Sunday 24 Feb 2019 10:30 AM

Please quote the cost of building a wooden wall partition with door between dining and kitchen. The wall is about 2m.

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Check on contractor reviews

Post by Anonymous on Tuesday 19 Feb 2019 06:27 AM

where can i search for contractor name and reviews

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