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Asked Thursday 21 Mar 2019 11:27 AM

Fire Hose Reel and Manual Call Point / Alarm Bell

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My contractor installed fire hose reel recently. Upon checking by building management, we realized that there are no manual call point and alarm bell installed. I am inexperienced. When I asked the contractor, he said I didn't mention I wanted manual call point and now sends me another quote. I would like to know if he is right? Is a reliable contractor will quote for the whole set, as no point installing fire hose reel without the manual call points and alarm bell. Can I hold him accountable?

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Mr. Ang. Ser Hock

Refer to the Fire hose and manual call point/alarm bell, The building developer should have the master plan or
MCST to check and confirm the location area to be installed. In this case, the contractor is not experienced and not follow according to the building master plan layout.

Yes, you can hold the installer accountable for not following the building safety rules.

Agree · Comment · 20 Aug 2019 14:00 PM

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