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How to Design a Kitchen Renovation 

Most kitchens will last you 20 years, so it makes sense to ensure that you get the design, configuration and specification of your new kitchen renovation spot on first time round. The most resent trends in interior design are moving towards the open pan living feel and this tend has impacted on every area of the home including our kitchens, which now stand proudly at the center of the modern contemporary home. This tend is mostly due to the change in the modern lifestyle, with families having less time to spend together they tend to congregate in one extended room, rather than being isolated in segregated spaces. 


The Design

When designing your kitchen it is essential to get the optimum design and configuration of this space. You goal should be to maximise the storage space, while eliminating excess traffic and optimising workflow. Place frequently used items within easy reach and less used items below or above this area. Other elements to include are, drawers that extend fully and zero protrusion hinges to maximise internal storage. 



Renovation Design Checklist

You should approach your kitchen design with a methodical and logical manner. 

Here are a few things to consider when designing a kitchen:  

  • The budget - Your budget will ultimately determine the choice of materials, finishes and appliances you will choose. It is always a good idea to build in a 10% contingency fund for unforeseen problems. 
  • The cabinets – Cabinets come in different finishes, and this will affect the final cost. Consider whether you want custom build cabinets or flatpack cabinets, and choose according to your budget.
  • Your needs - Consider your current needs, but don’t forget what you may require in the future. Think about the current size of your family, lifestyle, cooking habits, shopping and what the main purpose of your kitchen will be. 
  • The storage – Plan your kitchen storage to the maximum usability and functionality. Use customisable internal and external elements to ensure you get the maximum storage available. 
  • Positioning of items – Consider and plan specific functional zones for consumables, non- consumables, cleaning, preparation and cooking. Remember, a large portion of your time in your kitchen is spent around the sink and stove area, so getting the positioning correct is crucial. 
  • The workspace – You need to make sure that there is adequate workspace on your kitchen worktop, as well as a 90cm-required gap between worktops. This 90cm space will allow for two people to pass each other, and will allow enough space for cabinet doors to open unobstructed.
  • The appliances – Find energy and water efficient appliances, this will save you money in the long run.  Use the kitchen work triangle; this only works if you are not designing a single wall kitchen.

Now that you have consider all these things you can now start to consult the professionals – interior designers, kitchen contractors and cabinetmakers can all offer invaluable advice on the practical elements of kitchen design. 


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