Thinking Big in a Small Kitchen: Space-Saving Ideas

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Having a small kitchen is not a reason to feel bummed. They can work really well too and even feel more spacious and roomier with innovative and original space-saving ideas. Forward-thinking kitchen designers keep coming up with fantastic ideas for storage and organisation and it’s almost shocking how even the tiniest kitchens can become functional and stylish no matter what the size of the room is.

Here are some of the best suggestions for maximizing space in your tiny kitchen.

Remove a wall

One of the best ways to make your small kitchen look bigger and more spacious is to remove the entrance door or better yet, widen the whole opening or completely remove the entire wall. The open concept will give you a feel of a less cluttered and closed space and provide you with more space to move freely for when two people need to cook together. Also, you’ll be able to freely chat with family and guests while preparing a meal.

Choose smaller appliances

A smart approach for tiny kitchens is to opt for smaller appliances. However, going smaller doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice either power or style. High-end manufacturers now make smaller appliances that have all the necessary features as the large ones but can still fit into small spaces. Another space-saving solution is to choose built-in elements as they take up even less room.

Use blind corners in cabinets

Lots of corner cabinets remain unused even though they offer ample storage space. There are various types of fold-out and sliding-shelf mechanisms that allow you to reach deep areas and things shoved at the back. Most kitchen designers include a lazy Susan base cabinet into their designs, but for blind corners, a less expensive but equally brilliant solution is to install half-moon shelves that swivel and pull out. They use up to 60% of the corner space and offer easy access to things stored inside.

Use additional storage

In a tiny kitchen, storage is always the biggest issue to solve. A more modern and industrial approach than all-around cabinets is to use bare walls and install hanging racks with S-hooks to hang large pots and pans and knives.

Another trick that can save you lots of storage room in the kitchen is to move outside it. You can store your dishes in the dining room. A couple of custom-made cabinets or a vintage showcase can look perfect in the dining area and still be within easy reach of the kitchen.

Install pull-out and roll-out pantries

Any narrow pocket of space can be cleverly used for storage with various types of pull-outs and roll-outs. They offer extra room, fit into the tiniest spaces and are easily accessible. They’re great for storing soda, oil, bottled spices, canned food and wire baskets for fruit and vegetables.

Customize your island

Kitchen islands have become more popular than ever and they rank very high on most homeowners’ and buyers’ wish lists. However, they require quite a lot of space so they simply can’t fit into small kitchens. A rolling kitchen cart is much more versatile and it has all the benefits of a regular island. By having wheels, it means that you can move it around according to your needs: in the centre of the kitchen to prepare food or as a serving table when you’re having guests. You can also use all the space under its countertop for shelves and storage for pots, pans, knives and spices.

Go for a single sink

It’s obvious that double sinks are extremely useful and practical, but in order to save space, it’s smarter to go with a single bowl sink. It will save you counter space and might even force you to do the dishes more regularly and more often! You can also install an under-mount sink, which will squeeze in a couple of more precious inches to the countertop.

Furthermore, you don’t have to give up your healthy habits and toss away your water filter system. With new developments and designs, you can install one of those contemporary under sink water filters that won’t take up any counter space, because it’ll be hidden underneath it and it will maintain your kitchen’s aesthetically pleasing look, in addition to providing you with the best tasting, clean water.  

Build high cabinets

Since there’s no room in small kitchens to go wider and expand, the only way is up. Why make your top cabinets a foot shorter, when you can go all the way to the ceiling? Benefits are enormous: you get much more storage room, it all looks sleeker and gibber, plus there’s no dust and dirt piling on the top for you to clean.

Add under-cabinet lights

Good lighting has always been one of the major tools in home design. By adding lights under the cabinets, you’ll be able to eliminate dark corners and shed direct light on the countertops, making it easier to work. It will also make the tiny kitchen seem brighter, cleaner and bigger.

In order to maximise space in your small kitchen, you need to be as creative and resourceful as possible. Use every nook and cranny to your advantage and you won’t have to give up any amenity or luxury of big kitchens.

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