My Air Conditioner Smells, What Should I Do?

If smelly air is coming from your air conditioner, the issue could be a host of reasons. Air conditioners can emit strange odours due to mould, a bad smell coming from outdoors, a dirty filter and more. When it comes to diagnosing the problem, it is a good idea to hire a professional aircon service. A professional air conditioning services will be able to thoroughly examine the parts of the air conditioner to make sure that there are not any additional problems.

Mould and Bacteria

Mould and bacteria may build up in an conditioner causing you health problems over time. If mould is not treated it will only continue to grow and may spread into the air in your home or begin to grow in other places in your home. Inhaling mould spores can lead to serious health problems including hospitalisation. Therefore, you should have a professional come to your home right away if you think the problem is mould.

Check Inside the Air Conditioner

If you don't think the problem is due to mould and is instead due just buildup on a dirty air filter, you can check to see. Start by turning off the air conditioner and make sure that it is unplugged in order to avoid injury. Start by taking a look at the drip pan that is found inside the air condition. If it is dirty, remove it and empty the liquid and clean the drip pan with soap water and a sponge. 

Clean Out the Interior

In addition to the drip pan, you should examine the interior of the aircon unit for rotting plans, debris and other objects that could be causing the smell. A foaming coil cleaner can also be used on the coil of the air conditioner. 

In order to make sure that your air conditioner stays in good working order, you should make sure that it undergoes regular maintenance. A qualified company can give your air conditioner a regular cleaning. In addition, the service can check on your air conditioner regular to make sure that there are not serious problems developing. All of these services will extend the life of your aircon unit.

If you prefer to have a professional handle these tasks for you, qualified air conditioning services are available. Click here to request quotes from reputable companies now.

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