8 Easy Home Décor Ideas That Will Instantly Transform Your Space


Whether you have just moved in or you are in the mood to give your home a new look, there are several easy decor ideas that you can use to make different spaces of your home look beautiful. And the good news is that you can pull off this amazing new look at a minimal effort and a nominal cost. You don’t always have to make big changes or buy costly things to decorate a space. Sometimes the smallest things make the greatest impact.

In this article, you will learn about eight simple home decor ideas that will help you in instantly transforming your space.

1. Paint small rooms to make them look bigger

If you are looking for ways to maximise  space of a small room, then one best way is to paint it in soft and light colours. A soft and light coloured palette helps in making a room feel bigger because it reflects the natural light coming from outdoor. Darker shades of paints make small spaces look congested and smaller. Use of mirrors in a small space is also another way of making the room appear spacious.

2. Use mirrors as decoration

An easy and affordable way of decorating a place is to add mirrors. They are extremely light on the pocket and all you have to do is just hang them in the right place. A mirror acts as a focal point in any space and it makes small spaces feel larger. If there is a limited amount of natural light in a room, and you place a mirror directly across the window then it’s a great way of adding more light in the room. You can also use it as a piece of art to fill up an empty wall. Geometric shaped mirrors are the most common and trendy these days.

3. Mix it up

Most people believe that one space should have everything similar, from furniture to rugs, from cushions to lamps. However, sometimes mixing different styled things together can really bring out the warmth and texture in a room. The way you decorate your home tells a lot about yourself, so instead of following the same old techniques, follow your heart. There is nothing wrong with placing your grandmother’s antique centre table with a modern couch of your choice. Similarly, adding heirlooms next to your Care to Comfort bed is not a bad idea either. Whether it’s your furniture, rugs or even pillows, try mixing different colours, patterns, fabrics, and textures together.

4. Use what you already have to decorate

To make a home look beautiful you need accessories to decorate it with. But instead of instantly rushing to the store, first have a look at the items you probably have packed up in boxes somewhere around the house, or the items that are just lying around serving no purpose. First, make use of the things you already have in possession. You can use trays that are made of silver, metal, acrylic, or wooden, to place them over trunks, bedside tables, luggage racks or even coffee tables to give an extra touch of texture to your space. You can also hang plates as wall art, and use art from children’s books to hang in nurseries or children’s rooms. Once you get hold of the things you have, you can do so much with them.

5. Add a hanging pot holder in your kitchen

Whether it’s for preparing or serving meals, eating, or just for entertainment, most people spend a great amount of their time at home in their kitchen. This is the reason why all interior designers insist on making the kitchen feel warm and inviting. Another thing that most people want in their kitchen is maximum storage. Adding a hanging pot holder is one great way of doing this. This will not only give you space but also make your kitchen looks wonderful.

6. Go green

Adding plants to your home is one inexpensive way of decorating your space and adding more texture and colour to it. You can add plants to any space you like, as much as you like. They can be in small or large size, depending on the room you are keeping them in.

7. Paint or wallpaper unexpected places

The most simple and inexpensive way of transforming a space is by adding a coat of paint or a sheet of wallpaper in the most unexpected place. This will add an instant pop of colour and will brighten the room. You can start with bookcases, ceilings, fireplace mantels, hallways and sides of closets.

8. Use area rugs on hardwood floors

Hardwood floors look beautiful, but are not as comfortable as carpeted floors, especially in the cold season. By adding area rugs, you can add warmth, texture, and functionality to your space. You can use rugs of different patterns and fabrics to add more colour and style to the room.

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