10 DIY Shabby Chic Decorations That Will Add a Vintage Touch to Your Home


In the world of home décor, no two things go together quite like DIY and shabby chic. If you’re like most of us, your homemade accents never turn out perfectly — in fact, sometimes they can be kind of, well, shabby. But that’s what makes them so special. If you wanted perfect and personality-less, you’d just go to your local home goods store.

So go ahead and bust out the chalk paint, unearth those weathered wood pallets and think charm, because we’ve got some amazing do-it-yourself shabby chic projects that will help you create an original, one-of-a-kind look while reusing old items and not spending a ton. Here are a few of the best.



  1. Vintage Candle Holders — Every home needs a well-stocked stash of cute candle holders, so why not make them yourself? The opportunities are truly limitless here, from whitewashed candelabras adorned with rhinestone wrap and burlap bows to repurposed mason jars decorated with burlap. Make sure that you make this project shabby-chic from top to bottom with candle scents that honor your rustic vibe.

  2. Hanging Flower Balls with Pearls — When we’re decorating our homes, we rarely consider the space above our heads. But if you’ve ever seen a home with eye-catching hanging accents, you know the wonders they can do. One simple way to shabby-chic your space above eye level is with some pretty hanging flower balls. Adorn them with gorgeous freshwater pearls or sparkly precious gemstone beads and you’ve got yourself a home accent that commands attention.

  3. Chalk Paint Furniture — Chalk paint has become synonymous with the shabby chic design movement in part thanks to the queen of vintage furniture, Annie Sloan. The design-savvy paint expert developed her very own line of charming furniture paint specifically to help homeowners revitalize and repurpose shabby old pieces. Whether it’s a rough-looking coffee table or a third-hand dresser with peeling varnish and no hardware, a little bit of love and the right paint will transform it for the better.



  1. Distressed Photo Frames — You want to give your home a stylish yet personal touch, so you definitely want to hang photos of your family in a way that still honors your design motif. Keep your eyes peeled at antique stores, yard sales, thrift shops and flea markets for interesting vintage frames that don’t cost a ton. Look for frames with “good bones” made of wood or plaster, as these will hold paint better and last much longer than the cheap, mass-produced frames of today.

  2. Reclaimed Wood Coat Racks — It pays to go digging in the 25-cent bin behind the antiques barn! There, you’ll find plenty of old weathered wood panels that can be transformed into a wide range of different shabby chic craft projects. One of the simplest options, and the best for first-time crafters, is the DIY wood coat rack or hook panel. The task is relatively straightforward — simply prepare the wood (sand and refinish, if necessary) and screw in some antique hooks. Presto!

  3. Distressed Paper Flower Wreaths — Remember that old technique of dying and weathering paper with tea so that it looks like a real antique? It’s back, and we are not complaining.  You can use the tea-stain process to create authentic-looking paper flowers with a sun-stained, weathered look. Keep it simple and elegant with dense paper flowers or complete the design with a burlap bow or some gemstone accents.

  4. Antique Wallpaper Letters — This is another one of those super-simple DIY projects that gives your home a more personal feel. All you need is some wood or cardboard letters, which you can find at the craft store, and some antique wallpaper or wrapping paper. Put those decoupage skills to work! You can spell out a sweet phrase, like “love,” “family” or “relax” or spell out your last name, a year or a personal motto.


  1. A Vintage Tufted Headboard — Even though it’s one of the biggest and most room-defining accents in your entire master suite, a tufted headboard actually isn’t even that hard to make yourself. You can either go the repurpose route and repaint or upholster an existing headboard or start from scratch using raw wood and other materials. A little bit of foam, some upholstery fabric and a set of cute tufting buttons and you’ve got yourself a classy, shabby chic headboard worthy of Pinterest.

  2. Cute, Crafty Signage — Vintage signage is the perfect way to add a totally custom touch to your space while still celebrating your rustic or country design scheme. Start with a super easy base, like a couple of reclaimed wood boards nailed or glued together, and then get expressive with your favorite quotes, words and phrases. Practice your hand-lettering and create fun signs for the entryway, kitchen, bedroom, craft room or laundry room to add a bespoke touch that doesn’t skimp on personality.

  3. A Framed Chalkboard — The DIY framed chalkboard: easy, functional and vastly underrated! This accessory is not only fun to make and cute to hang, it’s also a crucial part of your family’s weekly planning strategy. Use it to post chore lists, reminders, grocery lists and important dates so that everyone in the family knows exactly what’s going on every day of the week. You can transform many surfaces into a writable surface with chalkboard paint or you can breathe some new life into antique slates you find at the flea market.

Finding the Right Balance

Shabby chic is all about the imperfect, the charming, the homemade and the narrative. Don’t work too hard trying to make your crafts look flawless or manufactured. You want them to have a homey, handmade feel and to be built upon good-quality, lasting materials so they get used for years into the future. Find the right balance between shabby and chic and you’ve got yourself some exceptional accents that will become instant showpieces in your home!

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