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What a Plumber ought to charge in South Africa?

Service rate every hour as specified by industry = R360 to R670. (Usually R465 every hour over all regions).

* these charges are subject to volume and would not usually apply while doing tenders and so on.

  1. Service charges differ and dependent on costs per region which comprise: Labor rate (wages), insurance, medical assistance and retirement pension, advertising and motor vehicle costs.
  2. The service charge exempts call out charge (based on travel expenses) that can be charged.
  3. Service duties eliminate material expenses provided by the plumber.


Rate guiding principle depends on the following:

  1. Business managerial costs which incorporate lease, lights and water, phones, gear, stationery and furniture
  2. Marketing and publicizing costs
  3. Insurance charges which incorporate general office, vehicle, life and ill health, community liability, product & service liability, faulty workmanship, outfits and equipment
  4. Various Tools and different uniforms
  5. Salaries which guarantee the employment of highly skilled plumbers.
  6. Medical assistance and retirement pension.
  7. Conform with plumbing standard and local laws & regulations.
  8. Comply with Health and Safety enactment.


How a plumbing corporation ought to calculate their service rate:

  • Step one: Calculate direct and indirect expenses of Plumbing business per year
  • Step two: Divide cost of business by the number of months available to work (usually 10.3 months for every year)
  • Step Three: Add necessary profit
  • Step Four: Divide yearly cost (comprising profit) by working days every month (often20 working days p/m) = Total labor every day
  • Step Five: Divide total labor every day by regular jobs that could be done in one day = Hourly service charge


Many plumbing companies will incorporate their travel costs into this service charge, or they may charge independently for travel.


  1. The Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA) backs a free market within the limits of the South African Regulation.
  2. IPSA is not involved in how a  plumber charges their business with respect to service cost structure, call out expenses, labor charges or material expenses.
  3. Insurance plumbing rates are excluded in these calculations and light of the insurance business principles.


NOTE: look out for the  following with your  local plumbing organization before procuring their services:

  1. Ensure  that your plumbing corporation can give you a breakdown of how they calculate their service cost
  2. Confirm that your plumbing organization agrees to current enactment and neighborhood ordinances.
  3. Confirm your plumbing organization utilizes qualified plumber and they are enlisted with Plumbing Industries Registration Board (PIRB) (A buyer is infringing upon the law if an unqualified plumber works, installs or keeps up plumbing on a property maintained by them)
  4. Confirm with your plumber if call out charge is incorporated into service cost or charged distinctly.
  5. Ask your plumber to give you with a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance (PIRB).
  6. Make sure that your plumbing organization quotes before you would give them the go ahead.
  7. As you are contracting the services of plumbing company, make sure that they are a legitimate entity, financially steady and can deliver the service,


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