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Paving cost: Everything You Need to Know

If you are planning to have paving carried out, obviously you are going to ask yourself just how much will it costs. The simplest approach to getting initial costs is usually to discover how much paving would costs per sq meter. Working out the costs for a paving project is not straightforward working out the real cost of a paving project will depend on a variety of factors.

Once you begin to get quotes for a paving project, you could be asked a couple of questions you're underprepared for. Here are some of the questions you may be asked:

  • Are you planning to pave a parking space, a pathway or a patio?
  • Is the surface you planning to pave level or sloping?
  • What sort of paving are you planning to use?
  • Are you going to include border paving or just keep it simple?

The Base

There are actually good reasons why you're going to be asked these questions, for instance:

  • If you are paving a parking space, you will most likely be advised to put a concrete base.
  • If you are putting down a pathway, you will most likely be advised to put a gravel base.
  • If you putting down a patio, you will likely be advised to put a concrete base, but the base won't need to be as thick as a parking space base.
  • If your parking space is on a slop you parking space will most likely be more expensive. 



The Costs

Some types of paving stones are much more easier to place than others. For instance, a 500mmX500mm paving stone may be less challenging and much quicker to place than a smaller sized, 200mmX500mm paving stone.

If you're planning to include contrasting borders or desire a challenging pattern, it is going to cost more than what a simple paving job would cost. 

While working out the square meter rate for your project can give you a reliable materials cost, it typically can't be relied upon as a reliable way of measuring the expense of the installation. If one paving contractor quotes you $65 per sq meter, but he takes 16 hours to finish the project, but another paving contractor charges $100 and finishes the project in 10 hours, the more expensive paving contractor is actually a bit more cost-effective and possibly more specialised as well. In terms of labour, always get quotes for the whole job instead of a per sq meter or an hourly rates.


The Quote

It is advisable to do your homework first, by going to a paving supplier to get help on deciding on the type and style of paving you should use. The paving supplier will also be able to work out a budget. Once you have done this you will need to get quotes from paving contractors for installation. Always get more than one quotes, so that you can compare them a select the right contractor for you project.


How it works

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Tips to Hire a Contractor

  • Ensure contractor is properly licensed
  • Check references and ratings
  • Always get more than 1 Quote
  • Be clear on what you want done
  • Do your homework on your budget
  • Be clear on the time frame for the job
  • All costs must be included in the estimate
  • Get an invoice for a deposit payment

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