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Cost Guide to Painting a Home in Singapore

All households need to have a paint job at some point or another. If you live in Singapore, and  you wish to paint your home, you must know how much this would cost you as well as the process involved.

Each residence is distinctive all of which will need special attention. There are paint jobs that take as small as a single day, though; some others might take several weeks to accomplish. The kind of paint job, (interior, exterior or both) can vary depending on the size of the home, condition of your home, the contractors available and the type of paint which will be used.


These are some of the most significant types of paint service provided by many painting services companies.

  • House painting services which offer service in painting entire home and its particular walls.

  • Condo painting. This is an additional painting service that is gaining more importance today even as equated to house painting.

  • Painting services for landed properties.

  • Flat art facilities for several Flats.

  • Highly Commercial Painting Services to paint great commercial and official spaces.

  • Painting services can also be provided for painting interiors of assorted temples along with other old buildings.


There are several painting contractors companies in Singapore offering paint services, and many of them provide all information about the valuation of paint services in Singapore.

Among numerous painting services, ¾ room service is very famous.  The Whole painting process takes 1-2 days the painting costs roughly around $720-$1380. This is quite a reasonable rate. Time taken for complete painting is dependent upon the height and width of rooms you are going to get painted.

There is another five room uneven quote painting facility. This deal also takes about 1-2 days to finish and costs around $820-$1580. Painting service is available for one single storied big building for around about $1020-$1680.

It takes about 2-4 days to complete the service that makes it one of the finest painting services provided by Singapore paint services benefactor.

The same service is accessible for double storied buildings also, and this too can last for an equivalent period, say 2-4 days and the expenses are $1480-$1980.

By observing all of these functions one can say confidently that as the height and width of building increases and even more area has painted, the typical cost of painting gets reduced to your great extent.

Condo & Private Property Painting Services is nevertheless another- group of services provided by Singapore paint services contractors. These services fix their rates based on the area they paint. These are some significant rates they fix for many rooms with some different areas being painted.

They comprise of a 1001 sq. Ft .very rough quote surface and then for painting this surface entirely, 1-2 days of time is essential. The painting costs is about $880-$1250 which is very reasonably priced.

Along with that, rough estimate quote surface having an area of 1201-1501 square centimeter usually needs 1-3 days to paint it completely, and it requires about $1220-$1580. If this field is between 1501-1801 feet square, the painting cost is above $ 1550 and it also takes about 2-4 days. If this is over 1801 sq. ft ., it will require 3-5 days and rates will not be specified by them. They have also not fixed rates for the private home painting.


Interior painting:

As soon as the interior painting is about to be done, the two most important factors that would define the total costs; the number of rooms to be painted and condition of the trim and walls. Normally, interior paint jobs will cost anything between 450 SGD (Singapore Dollars) and 6,350 SGD. These are the

 breakdown of specialized painting costs for rooms in your home:

  • Bedrooms: 275 SGD to 575 SGD

  • Closets: 100 SGD to 360 SGD

  • Kitchens: 175 SGD to 375 SGD

  • Toilets: 250 SGD to 475 SGD

  • Stairs: 235 SGD to 520 SGD

  • Hallways: 140 SGD to 435 SGD


In addition to the above totals, you need to add 150 SGD to 265 SGD for wallpaper removal for every room. Lead-safe preparation per room will cost 65 SGD to 240 SGD. Furthermore, all frames, trim or base will cost an additional 75 SGD to 250 SGD per room, though, every single door or window sash will cost roughly 50 SGD to 100 SGD.

Finally, 40 SGD to 60 SGD hourly or per room ought to be added to additional preparation or painting.  You should take note that materials and labor are inclusive of the costs estimates.


Exterior painting:

A typical surface needs two top coats of the paint you desire to use. Three house features could significantly affect the price of painting your own home’s exterior. They are essential details such as the features of your household has, siding material with different heights and sizes of your home.

For the various heights and sizes, standard prices for the exterior re-paint job comprising better planning and one or two best coats are 2,000 SGD - 3,300 SGD for small one storey home with 800 - 1,600 feet square. A two story home will surely cost you 3,000 SGD - 5,800 SGD provided that its area ranges between 1,500 to 4,000 square centimeter. A three story home costs about 5,000 SGD to 7,500 SGD is whether it has 3,600  to 6,000 square centimeter.


Planning for exterior painting will change. Below is facts about the different varieties of groundwork and amounts for the same:

  • Broad preparation: 2,000 SGD to 4,500 SGD which comprise of a week of further scraping as well as a full coat of primer being applied. It regularly uses 10 to 100 tubes of caulk.

  • Typical preparation: 600 SGD - 1,900 SGD value of readiness would include lead-safe scraping for a few days, multiple areas being spot primed and 6 - 10 tubes of caulk being used.

  • Minor preparation: May need to have a maximum of 500 SGD, that compose of power-washing, some areas spot primed and using 1 - 5 tubes of caulk.

  • Lead safe preparation has to be done to houses that contain wood siding.


For additional features, you will need to supplement the subsequent amounts:

  • 175 SGD to 350 SGD for spraying shutters

  • 75 SGD to 125 SGD for doors

  • 50 SGD - 100 SGD for window sash

  • 350 SGD to 850 SGD for the foundation

  • Downspouts and gutters will need 250 SGD to 750 SGD

  • Extensive trim / fascia: 550 SGD - 950 SGD

  • Multi-colors with a minimum of three standards on accents and figure

  • 600 SGD - 1,150 SGD for every porch comprising all surfaces and floors


This information gives you the comprehensive guideline on how much it costs to paint a house in Singapore.

You ought to be able to provide an estimate of simply how much you will spend whether it be for interior painting, exterior painting or both. Take note that the above figures and estimates are from trained painters. The valuation on your individual home will probably be determined by the painter you decide on.

Make sure you have an estimate from paint contractor before starting any painting project in your home. An estimate would just help you toeffectively plan for the project, and also ensure you don't spend money you don't have. At the same time, through the estimate process, you will be capable of having an idea of the areas which need repair and other improvements on your house.


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