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What are the Cost of a Commercial Renovation in Singapore?

Do you want to renovate your retail, F&B, and office? And yet, you are still unsure of the cost and what budget it will take to do it. The renovation costs actually range from 320 dollars to 1080 dollars per square meter, and the costs actually vary on the size of the unit, flooring, plumbing, electrical, and layout complexity.

Below is a breakdown of the pricing for a commercial renovation in Singapore;


Consulting Fees

When getting started with your renovation, asking for help from a reliable commercial contractor and an interior designer is necessary. They will do the task of analysing the commercial space and paying attention to your concepts and ideas. Since you will have higher expectations for the renovations plans, it is a lot better to ask for their suggestions and recommendations, because they are the experts in the field and they have a greater understanding of the regulations and laws like wiring and wall hacking.

These contractors can charge you up to 100 dollars every hour for the consulting process. You can also choose to play either hourly or flat rate charges. Hacking and consulting are combined in a package with most contractors.


Building Deposit for Renovation

Before any heavy hacking is done, it is necessary for you to check with building management if there is a deposit to be paid. This deposit is for any damages that may occur during the renovations and will vary depending on the building rules and can be in the thousands of dollars. The full deposit will usually be refunded once the landlord is satisfied and has done their inspections of the renovation.


Total Costs to Pay

The commercial costs in Singapore are quite unclear when hiring a team of contractors. Thus, you should get multiple quotations coming from different contractors. Nevertheless, you need to be sure of their capabilities including their rates. You may consider the budget by the size of the outlet and the design and quality of the materials.

For your medium-sized commercial space, you should be looking at a budget of around £150,000 to $500,000. For a small-sized space, a budget from around £60,000 to $100,000 should be considered. So for an example, a property of 13,000 square feet with meeting rooms and pantry, it will cost you up to 1.3 million dollars.


Tiling and Flooring

Most offices would choose to settle with the usual square tiles. But, you may want to have granite or parquet flooring. Never assume that the costs of flooring won’t differ when it comes to the labour costs and floor materials. The quoted price would also include laying and foundation of tiles.


The estimate of costs includes the following:

• Marble- 10 to 15 dollars/ square feet

• Vinyl- 6 dollars to 7 dollars/square feet

• Marble- 10 dollars to 15 dollars/square feet

• Laminate- 3.50 dollars to 4.50 dollars/square feet

• Homogeneous or Ceramic tiles- 3 dollars to 15 dollars/square feet

• Granite- 10 dollars to 20 dollars/square feet

• Labour- 3 dollars to 10 dollars/square feet

• Parquet- 7 dollars to 14 dollars/square feet


So on a 13,000 square feet project; you could be paying between $5000 dollars to $8000 for the flooring.


Wall Hacking

Wall hacking is actually normal in the commercial renovation process. This is, in particular, necessary when opening up space in an office. The costs will also vary on the thickness of the wall and the amount of hacking required to be done. Nevertheless, you must check with the building management if you still need a permit before doing any hacking. Get the necessary approval and permits if there are foundational walls and pillars that are designed not be hacked.

The costs to pay for wall hacking can range from 50 dollars to 70 dollars per foot run. It is important to consult with your commercial contractor if they will require you to pay extra dollars for debris cleaning.



Carpentry is an essential trade when building shelves or cabinets for a commercial project. Carpenters usually quote by PFR (per foot run), and there are several factors that can contribute to the PFR pricing:

• Height

• Whether you have sliding doors

• Doors with glass

• Etc.

The market rates can differ between IDs (Interior Designers) ID firms generally also perform a higher markup; this is because they engage sub-contractors (e.g. carpentry workshops) to construct the woodwork items.


• Full height Wardrobe (Swing door) SGD$240 - SGD$400

• Full height Wardrobe (Normal sliding door) SGD$260 - SGD$500

• Full height Open Wardrobe SGD$200 – SGD$350


• Kitchen Cabinet Glass SGD$120 - SGD$180

• Storage/Display/Book Cabinet (Casement door) SGD$240 - SGD$310

• Storage/Display/Book Cabinet (Open without door) SGD$330 - SGD$390

• Low height Storage/Display/Recess Cabinet (Max height 36 inch, casement door) SGD$150 - SGD$200

• Low height Open Storage/Display/Recess Cabinet (Max height 36 inch, without door) SGD$180 - SGD$260

• Kitchen Top (Basic Entry Range) SGD$75 - SGD$160


• Suspended table (Without drawer) SGD$90 Walls

Feature Wall

• SGD$25 – SGD30


• Platform SGD$15 - SGD$22

• With storage (Low height) 30cm and below SGD$25

• With storage (Mid height) 30cm to 60cm SGD$25


Painting Services

When doing commercial renovations in Singapore, it is generally necessary to have the interior painted. It will help beautify your commercial space and will create such a relaxing and comforting environment for the employees. In addition to that, it will create a good impression among visiting clients. It is always best to choose quality paint when painting your commercial unit or building. The costs per square foot can be hard to get from a contractor and you will have to get a few quotes, but finding from some jobs I worked with you are looking at 1-3 Dollars per square foot. There are other things to consider when calculating your budget.

Here is a list of these things:

• Extensive preparation: 2,000 SGD to 4,500 SGD which includes scraping and a full coat of primer.

• Average preparation: 600 SGD – 1,900 SGD which includes scraping and a full coat of primer.

• Minor preparation: May need a maximum of 500 SGD that includes power-washing, which includes scraping and a full coat of primer.

• 175 SGD to 350 SGD for spraying shutters

• 75 SGD to 125 SGD for doors

• 50 SGD – 100 SGD for each window sash

• 350 SGD to 850 SGD for the foundation

• Downspouts and gutters will require 250 SGD to 750 SGD

• Extensive trim / fascia: 550 SGD – 950 SGD


Electrical Rewiring

Electrical connections and wires are indeed necessary for a commercial space. Since the commercial area may look so complicated, you should never engage in a do-it-yourself procedure. You must search for a reliable and dependable electrician who will fix all essential lighting points, concealment and cable points. The price usually varies from one electrician to another.

Here is a list of cost for electrical works:

• As per 13 amperes PowerPoint; 90 dollars- 100 dollars for every point

• As per 15 amperes PowerPoint; 70 dollars- 160 dollars for every point

• Telephone Unit; 80 dollars- 140 dollars for every point

• Lighting Point; 45 dollars-70 dollars per point

• Light Installation; 8 dollars- 20 dollars per light

• Two-Way Switch; 100 dollars- 150 dollars per piece



Consider the space, style, and budget before you choosing any furniture items. The cost of the furniture can vary from 7000 dollars to 15,000 dollars. It will also more likely depend on the commercial space you have and your tastes.

In order for you to be sure of all the costs to do a commercial renovation, you should always ask for help from a team of interior designers or commercial contractor. You may discuss all your requirements with them, and they will surely provide you with a better idea of the costs of the entire commercial renovation!


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