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Architecture | Interior Design | Turnkey Project Company Overview 1993, DEMARCO WAS SET-UP BY TWO PARTNER VINCENT & TOSHI SANCHEZ. CORE BUSINESS INCLUDED EXHIBITION & EVENTS, WINDOW DISPLAY & RENOVATION. A SMALL LAYMEN SCALE COMPANY PROVIDING SERVICES TO ARCHITECT ID FIRM WHICH INVOLVING THEIR CLIENTS FROM CONVENIENCE STORE, PHARMACY RETAILER AND SUPERMARKET TO SHOPPING MALL. 2002, Andrew Joined the partnership. Having over years of experience in construction industries backend renovation under his belt, he lead the company to new height & milestone. In general, each of these personalities’ structures to integrate the direction throughout design and construction. In response, company are growing beyond traditional offerings of design or construction services alone are assembled to plan. IN 2013, EUROMAX DESIGN PRIVATE LIMITED WAS ESTABLISHED AFTER THE DEPARTURE OF TOSHI SANCHEZ. TO KEEP UP THE INDUSTRY TREND & DEMAND. FURTHER EXPANSION OF MARKETING & DESIGN DEPARTMENT BRINGS THE MODERN TREND IN DESIGN OPERATIONS TOWARDS INTEGRATION OF PREVIOUSLY SPECIALTIES. DEALING WITH BOTH COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS, PROVIDING DESIGN, BUILD & CONSULTATION. TURNKEY SERVICE SOLUTION


Renovation / Interior Designer


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