Tips and Tricks to Make the Nursery the Best Room in the Home


Expectant parents spend upwards of $2,000 on creating a perfect space and nursery for the baby on the way. Not surprisingly, with a new baby on the way there are so many decisions to make. One particular space that requires careful attention and decision making is the design of the baby’s nursery. Worth every penny, a baby bedroom is where you spend a lot of time with your new child between feedings, diaper changes, nap time, and cuddles. Make your baby bedroom an oasis that both you and baby want to spend time in by tapping into the latest interior design trends

It’s All About the Furniture

The first step to decorating a chic baby bedroom is choosing the essential furniture pieces. Purchasing a strong, sturdy crib is a must. Dark wood or grey wood cribs are gender neutral, match any color palettes, and can be used for years to come. Additionally, furniture pieces like the changing table, rocking chair or glider, and baby swings are equally important. The baby swing and rocking chair are where your baby will spend a lot of time napping and cuddling, so comfort is key. In addition, consider choosing a modern glider or rocking chair that can later be used as an accent furniture piece in your master bedroom. Regardless of your furniture preferences, purchase pieces all within the same consistent color spectrum to help elevate the bedroom design and make the accessories you choose pop. 

Chic Storage Ideas

Another nursery bedroom must is to avoid clutter. A cluttered nursery takes away from any design elements you’ve put in place. Consider adding chic storage options like floating shelves, shelving units that have pull out drawers, hooks, baskets, or open-bin storage. Choosing storage that fits your needs while adding some design is both practical and pleasing to the eye. Mix in accessories that add some character like antique books, small plush animals, or picture frames to help break up the look. Functionality paired with a little design flair is what you want to achieve.

Soft Textiles to Bring it Together

Now that you have your furniture and essential storage, the final way to bring your nursery design together is through carefully picked textiles. Soft textiles like faux-fur rugs or shags paired with curtain furnishings are the perfect way to elevate the space. Pillows, throws, and curtains are where you can have fun with colors and patterns to showcase your nursery style. For a dreamy and gender-neutral aesthetic, choose tranquil ivory colors and top off the look with a small plush stuffed sheep perfectly matching the shag rug. With these cozy fabrics surrounding you, both you and baby will never want to leave the nursery oasis. 

When decorated carefully, a baby’s bedroom should be the most calming room in the home. Showcase your style with fun textiles and chic storage looks to design the baby nursery of your dreams. ​

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