Sprinkling Professional Magic: Safeguarding Your Kitchen Technology’s Installation


Sleek, functional, and economical—these are top qualities that Singaporeans desire out of their kitchens, according to architect Vincent Van Duysen. If you’re looking for the same thing, it wouldn’t be surprising to seek out some of the latest kitchen fixtures and technologies that will suit both your desires and needs. When you’ve found them, installing them requires finesse and experience. In such an event, why is it worth getting professionals to do it?

Maintaining the Aesthetic

Putting in the latest kitchen technology often follows a pre-established plan in terms of layouts and dimensions. Finding and installing the right pieces that follow the general aesthetic of the plans can be challenging. It helps when you are able to consult a professional to determine if the oven, stove, or fridge you’ve chosen fits the plan you’ve got going on. A professional interior designer or installation crews understand trends and help you avoid common mistakes in kitchen design or upgrades.

Efficient Troubleshooting

In an ideal world, you’d find the right kitchen technology and there would be no trouble putting them into your kitchen. The reality, however, is that installation will come with hiccups. Especially, when you’re putting in newer kitchen technologies designed to make your life easier but may need to be calibrated and tested. It’s something to be expected when you’ve chosen seamless technologies like a wall convection oven or a hands-free kitchen faucet. When a professional does the installation, they will be in a prime position to spot issues and troubleshoot it right away. This saves you having to make a call days later when you find something isn’t working quite as well as you’d hope.

Economical Expertise

A common concern for many homeowners is the cost of hiring a professional team. In Singapore, plumbing and electrical installations can cost an average of S$800, according to the findings of Value Champion. However, when you do the installations yourself and unintentionally cause damage to your fixtures or appliances or put them in wrong, you’ll have to shell out more money to get it all fixed. So the bottom line here is how much are you really willing to spend to get the job done and what’s the overall cost of doing things yourself. 

Licensed Warranties

When you do an installation yourself, any damage incurred will be your responsibility. If you get a professional team to do it and it’s part of their contract, they are legally liable. They will need to replace or compensate you for any damages or errors on their part. So not only do you protect your kitchen for any event of damages. But you also get an assurance that the people installing your kitchen technology have an extra reason to do an incredible job.

It is possible to install your own kitchen but why take on extra work when you don’t have to? You and your kitchen will be in better hands when you trust professionals to get the job done. Just make sure that you are highly discerning of the crew or company that you choose to bring in.

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