Selecting the right Contractor

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It is always difficult to decide which contractor to choose for your home improvement or renovation project. Do I go for the cheapest or most expensive quote? One contractor may give a good quotation but can he do the job correctly? These are questions you all ask yourself when you are trying to decide on which contractor is best for your job. Here is some advice to help you with that decision.

 How do I verify Contractors?

  1. You need to check that the Contractor is appropriately qualified to complete the job.

  2. Where a specific trade accreditation or registration is required we advise you to request evidence of the applicable accreditation or registration from the Contractor.

  3. Contractors should have a UEN Number which you then need to verify.

  4. Some contractors will have  BCA and HDB Licenses numbers, you need to verify these.

  5. Ask all contractors to provide details of any other qualifications they may have, PUB and LEW.

We did a post on licenses if you want some more information.

What to do when selecting a quote:

  1. A good Contractor will always be keen to give you references, so don’t be shy and ask for references. Speak to previous customers and if possible, visit previous jobs.
  2. Don’t always go for the cheapest quote, but this does not mean that you should discard the lowest straight away. If you go for the cheapest make sure you have got a detailed quote with materials, waste disposal and labour detailed clearly in the quote. Also ask if GST is included, make sure it is clear on the quote.
  3. Not all Contractors who do the quote carry out the work themselves. They may work alongside other subcontractors, or hire subcontractors to complete the entire job. While this is perfectly normal it is good to clarify this upfront.
  4. A Contractor will guarantee their workmanship for a period of time. Make sure you have clarified what this period is and that you have the relevant paperwork if you need to make a claim at a later stage.
  5. A deposit should always be documented with a detailed invoice. The deposit should not be more than 30% of the overall job price but should cover the Contractors' tools, materials, and travel.


Follow these steps above and you are sure to make the right decision when selecting the right contractor. Remember that it is always the best practice to ask for references and proof of licenses when it comes to hiring a contractor. Read more on How to find a good Contractor on

Finding a contractor doesn't need to be that difficult. A platform like which provides customer ratings (see here for details) can really help separate the good from the not so good.

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